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Building the Future They Hoped for in Israel

Isaac Gwin


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Nof HaGalil, Israel

Ludmila is a single mom from Ukraine. She and her children moved to Israel to start their lives over. She got a job taking care of the elderly, but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Ludmila said, “People wanted to take care of their elderly parents themselves, because they were scared of the virus. I didn’t have many clients to begin with, because I was new to the job, so the work just stopped. I was still struggling to learn Hebrew and didn’t know where to go for help. I felt so alone.”

For Ludmila, the hardest part was seeing how it affected her children. 

“It broke me trying to explain to them why we could only eat the cheapest, most basic food,” she said. “I felt so much shame.”

Then another new immigrant told Ludmila about CBN Israel. CBN Israel helps Holocaust Survivors, new immigrants, and single mothers in need in the Holy Land. When we learned about Ludmila, we started taking her groceries.

Ludmila said, “There’s so much variety. The food is very nutritious, and my kids really enjoy it. It was such a wonderful surprise for you to do this for us. It gave me hope.” 

Ludmila recently started a new job cleaning at her local courthouse. She says it provides more stability, with flexible work hours. Thanks to CBN donors, Ludmila’s family got the food they needed to see them through this crisis. Now they can build the future they hoped for in Israel.

“I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for my family during this time,” she said. “There have been many challenges, and your support has meant everything.Thank you.” 

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About The Author

Isaac Gwin

Isaac Gwin joined Operation Blessing in 2013 as a National Media Liaison producing domestic hunger relief stories. He then moved to Israel in 2015 where he spent the next six years as a CBN Features Producer developing stories throughout the Middle East. Now back in the U.S., Isaac continues to produce inspiring, true life stories for The 700 Club.