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A Mental Picture of God’s Love

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“It just got stronger and stronger. It had control…you just stopped.”

It was late April 2022 when Don Jockman started having intense chest pain. He phoned his cardiologist who urged him to go to the emergency room immediately. 

“I was afraid cause you don’t know what’s happening,” said Don. “You kind of realize what’s happening is not right. I was concerned. There was a lot of prayer inside of me going on. You’re hoping…you want it to be good.”

Too weak to drive himself, Don called his son Brandon. He says getting to the car was a struggle. “Oh, the pain was strong. I took about 10, 12 steps and it hit hard. I said, ‘Brandon, I need help. I’m not gonna make it.’ And he basically carried me. I walked with my feet but put my arm around his head and shoulders.”

They drove to St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, TX where doctors performed a heart catheterization to determine what was causing the pain. 

“They said, ‘You’re blocked, you’re horribly blocked. Your aorta on one side is 100% and the other side is 98%. And the third one, you’re really blocked,’” recalled Don. "'Surgery is the only option.’”

They told Don he needed a triple bypass as soon as possible and admitted him to the hospital. Surgery, however, would have to wait.

“I was on blood thinners and my blood would not clot and they could not operate. So, they put it off for three days hoping that would be enough time,” explained Don. “I was praying. Thanking Him for His presence and to get me through it and just, ‘Lord be with me.’”

Don wasn’t the only one praying. By now, there was an outpouring of prayer as his daughter Jennifer reached out to family, their church, and anyone she could think of to pray.

“The situation was so severe. You know what’s at risk, what’s at stake,” explained Jennifer. “There were times I battled fear and um, I had to trust God and pray more. I knew that God answers prayers, that God hears His people. So, I tried to reach out to as many people as I could.”

By day three, Don was still in no condition for surgery. That night, he turned on the television. The 700 Club was on, and Gordon was praying, “I am getting a visual picture of someone in a hospital bed. Either you just finished a procedure or you're getting ready for one,” said Gordon. “God is healing you. He is restoring you right now. As you are listening to me, faith is building within your body…believe. Jesus is coming to you now with healing. Be restored. New energy, new vitality, in Jesus' name, receive it now.”

“That’s got to be me. I felt blessed, assured,” said Don. “God had me. God used that situation to speak to me, to tell me, I’ve got you. You have your problem…I’ve got you.”

Four more days passed with no sign of improvement. Doctors decided they couldn’t wait any longer and went ahead with the triple bypass. It was successful, but they couldn’t get Don’s blood to clot. Jennifer says prayers for her father continued. “During my prayer time with God, I was very honest,” explained Jennifer. “God, just be with my dad. God, be with us all. My dad is like my best friend. And I didn’t want to lose that.”  

Then, two days later, they had a breakthrough. “Listening to their conversations and then became aware that they had solved the clotting problem,” said Don. “The Lord had kept His word.”

Don was discharged after a week of recovery and went home to begin rehab. “I could have died. I know how close I was, but God had something for me. He brought me through the operation, through the rehabilitation and to this present day. And I’m looking forward to God completing the work He has for me.”

Don had a full recovery and says he’s had no heart problems since. “My faith is stronger. Closeness with the Lord grows stronger day by day,” explained Don. “He has put things in my heart. And the closer you get to Him, the more He reveals Himself to you."

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Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris is a Features Producer for The 700 Club. She came to CBN in 2019 where she worked as a web producer in the news department for three years. Her passion was always to tell human interest stories that would touch the hearts of readers while connecting them with God. She transitioned into her new role with The 700 Club in August 2022.