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Mommy Millionaire: Equipping Women with Financial Freedom

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Cayla Craft grew up with a loving mother, but her father was addicted to drugs and in and out of jail. When Cayla was 5 years old, her parents divorced. She explains, “I grew up with a lot of shame surrounding that because I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else.” Life was difficult and tumultuous. Her mother worked hard but never had enough money. After her mom remarried, Cayla was excited at first, but then the fighting started. She constantly worried that her mom and stepdad would divorce too. In addition, when her mom married her stepdad, she started making bad financial decisions which resulted in them losing their home. Being forced to grow up too soon, Cayla watched her mom struggle to survive. Cayla decided to do whatever it took to find security and stability when she grew up. 

After graduating high school, she chose a career in nursing because she wanted to help people while also having a stable income. At 21 she became a nurse and by 23 she was an ER charge nurse. When she married and started a family, Cayla wanted to find a way to work from home so she could be with her children. Yet, she was afraid to leave the stability of a steady income. 

While at work one day, Cayla, who was pregnant with her second child, was on her feet all day and starving, was brought lunch by her mom. Cayla took a quick bite when she was approached by her supervisor who told her she was being written up for taking a bite at the nurse's station which was against the rules. Cayla explains, “I was devastated because I had given so much of myself to this career and the department. I thought she would have told me to take five minutes to eat the rest of my burrito, but instead, she wrote me up. I decided I would not allow myself to be treated like that.”  

At first, Cayla still worked as a nurse while also dabbling in network marketing. It didn't take long for her to rise to the top again. At 23, she started a network marketing business and by 26 she made a million dollars in commissions. “That was a big deal because I became the first millionaire in my family. It gave me such a boost of confidence and that’s where the idea for Mommy Millionaire came about. I want every mom to know that if they want financial freedom, it’s available to them and I’m going to show them how to do it,” she explains. 

Cayla’s goal is to help one million women make one million dollars a year or more. She does that through her Crafted Entrepreneur podcast, live events, group coaching programs, and social media.


In her book, What Do You Really Want, Cayla gives practical tips and advice on how to achieve financial freedom. Like, her “Take 7 Practice” where she helps you ask important questions designed to help you move forward and become the person God intended you to be. Cayla says when you feel stuck or simply are ready for more from life, ask yourself the following questions:
1.    What’s not working for me in my life? 
2.    When did I first start accepting that? 
3.    What little me is showing up? 
4.    What’s a better way of looking at this? Perspective matters. 
5.    Where is there space for gratitude in this? Being thankful causes a paradigm shift in your thinking.
6.    What do I really want? 
7.    What is the best next step for me?

Waking up before anyone in her home, Cayla starts her first and most important meeting of the day. She explains, “It’s my way of putting first things first. I put on worship music and pull out my Bible, seeking God’s wisdom, searching the Word, and listening to God’s leading. God’s opinion matters to me.”

Learn more about Mommy Millionaire at, and Cayla Craft at her website, To purchase Cayla's book, What Do You Really Want? please click the link: What Do You Really Want?

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