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Former Satanic Priest Shares Winning Strategies for Defeating the Enemy

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“Fire prayers, whether in earthly languages or in the heavenly language of tongues, are the violent weapons God has given you to pull down strongholds and destroy the schemes Satan has set against you,” shares John. The demonic kingdom continues to cause havoc in our world (abortions, school shootings, divorce rates are rising in the church, racial division, etc.). It is time to fight back in the spiritual realm. “The battle is not about flesh and blood. It’s about demonic spirits and wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12). John offers the following spiritual warfare strategies to help you be victorious in battle against the enemy: (1) pray from your spirit not your emotions; (2) use Jesus’ name when you pray so you have authority; and (3) read God’s word for discernment, but also speak His Word to the enemy just like Jesus did when Satan tried to tempt him in the desert.  

Satan hates you and wants to destroy God’s plan for your life. In 2020, a demonic attack took John’s eyesight. “This has happened several times, starting in 1997 – even to the point that I was registered with the New York State Commission for the Blind,” shares John. Within two months, he had two major eye surgeries. The devil tormented him with the thoughts that his eyesight would never be restored. John said he had two choices: “I could shrivel up and die spiritually or be powerful in spiritual warfare.” He decided to fight in the name of Jesus. He told himself, “I will live and not die spiritually, I will declare the works of the Lord (Psalm 118:17). When the doctor came in the room he said, “I have never completed a more elegant surgery.” John corrected him and said, “You completed the most anointed surgery of your lifetime, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.” 

*Two weeks ago, John’s eyesight came under attack again while ministering in Hawaii and then TX. During the services many people were healed and delivered. A few days later his cornea became swollen which caused his vision to be blurred. He was unable to even drive. Doctors could not explain how it happened. He spent time in prayer doing spiritual warfare and his vision is currently 70% better (he is believing for 100% better by the time of the show).


John wants people to be delivered and set free in Christ, but often times people struggle with entrapments that can lead to satanic bondage. One of those entrapments is inheriting diabolical curses (generational curses). If someone in your family, a parent or grandparent, made a pact or deal with demons through involvement with seances, witchcraft or tarot cards, then demons found a place in your family tree. The curse has to be renounced over you and your bloodline. Another gateway to bondage is trauma. John was a delivery driver many years ago. His base station had two doors; trucks came in one door and went out the other. One day, after a very long shift his van pinned the security guard to the wall. The guard was rushed to the hospital but died a few days later. “The accident kept playing in my head, again and again.”

The company’s management accepted responsibility for the incident. The trauma eventually left, but the only way to deal with trauma is through Chris Jesus. Another entrapment is not paying tithes. “The truth is not tithing brings a curse on your finances,” shares John. Don’t open yourself to a poverty spirit; tithe so you can partner with God to build His kingdom on earth.


Although the devil and his demons have weapons of mass destruction you have biblical weapons to help you destroy the attacks of the enemy. Tools you can use against the powers of darkness include:         
•    The Word of God – speak God’s word to the enemy.
•    The Name of Jesus –fight in His name which establishes all authority and victory.
•    The Blood of Jesus – remember the finished work of the cross. 
•    Speaking in Tongues – strengthens our inner beings in spiritual warfare. 
•    Prayer – communion and conversation with God every day. 
•    Praise and Worship –God’s chosen people went into battle with the worship team out front. “Heaven moves on your behalf when you are praising and worshipping God,” reveals John.
•    Pulling Down the Devil’s Schemes – do not invite the enemy into your conversations.  
•    Decreeing – speak life into your circumstances and situations. 
•    The Fire of God and God’s Judgement – call for strongholds and bondages to break and burn to the ground in your life.
•    Fasting – sensitizes us to what is happening in the spiritual realm and brings faster spiritual results against the enemy. 


John was a high-ranking priest in a satanic cult in New York City. He was raised in the South Bronx with an abusive and absentee father. At 10 years old, John underwent a ceremonial cleansing where spirits and demons were assigned to him. As he went deeper in the occult he learned how to cast powerful spells and recruit others into this religion. He even began to hear voices talking in his head. For twenty-five years, John dedicated his life to serving the enemy. Then in 1999, he had a dream and was transported to hell. “I can’t describe the heat, the despair,” reveals John. He was confronted by Satan. The devil said he had given John power, money and women and he would not let him walk away from his power. He reached for John, but a cross appeared in John’s hand. As he pushed it towards the devil the enemy’s strength left. When John awoke, he says, “I realized it was a dream that God had used to show me He was bigger and more powerful than anything I had served for 25 years in witchcraft.”

John repented of his sins and vowed to serve Jesus all the days of his life. He removed all the occult paraphernalia from his home and started going to church. For 30 days, the demons came at night to torment him until God eventually gave him peace. John was baptized and eventually went to work for David Wilkerson at Times Square Church. Today he is a world-renowned evangelist, author, and speaker. He has shared his testimony on It’s Supernatural!, TBN, Daystar, Fox News, and Travel Channel. As a result, thousands are now finding their way out of Satanism, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and spiritualism. He loves to share the gospel of Jesus wherever he goes. *his taped testimony on The 700 Club back in 2012 garnered over 9 million views to date.

To learn more about John Ramirez and his ministry, please visit: To get your copy of John Ramirez's latest book, Fire Prayers, please visit: Fire Prayers

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