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Jonathan Evans Talks about Finding Your Purpose



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As the youngest of four children to well-known pastor Dr. Tony and Lois Evans, Jonathan grew up in a loving home. Sports was where Jonathan shined, and his dream was to become a professional football player. After years of hard work, practice, blood, sweat, and tears, he was drafted into the NFL. Jonathan thought his dream had come true, but things didn’t go as expected.  

Years of injuries and being traded and playing for several different teams which included the Dallas Cowboys, he eventually came to the end of his NFL journey. Jonathan explains, “The guy we called ‘the grim reaper’ stopped me from coming into the facility that morning. I had to gather my things and go. I had been released and needed to head out now.” Heartbroken and feeling rejected, Jonathan had to figure out how to move on from there. 

For years, Jonathan wrestled with God about his purpose. Even while playing in the NFL, Jonathan felt God calling him to go to seminary to learn to preach God’s word. When Jonathan finally agreed to follow God’s direction, he hobbled into seminary class on crutches still recovering from a football injury. But when he listened to what the Lord had for him, he got a call from the Dallas Cowboys asking him to come back as the chaplain for the team.

He has proudly served in that role for over 10 years and continues to do so today. He explains, “What that taught me was that God wanted me in the NFL. He wanted me to do it His way, not my way. He wanted me to advance His kingdom, not just the ball.” All the years of heartache and injury helped Jonathan to minister to his teammates more effectively. He remembers that his mother used to always tell him “Your greatest misery is a catalyst to your greatest ministry.”


Jonathan encourages us to shift our perspective when going through hard times. He says we need to keep pushing through the pain, trusting God, and knowing that our pain is for a higher purpose. God’s timing is perfect and His calling for our lives is unique. Always remember that God’s word is the determining factor, not our feelings. 



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