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The Last Straw

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I am ashamed to be an American. We preach freedom, justice and democracy to the world, yet we let a woman in Florida die from dehydration and starvation.

For nearly two weeks, as billions of people all over the globe watched, Terri Schiavo sank slowly toward death. Now she is gone and her parents and siblings are left in solitude to ponder the events of the past 15 years.

We allowed this death to happen, despite our moral and ethical beliefs, not to mention our faith in God. I am angry and I am embarrassed. All of us killed Terri Schiavo. It was not the United States judicial system or husband Michael Schiavo that are entirely at fault. In a way, we have only ourselves to blame for this barbaric act.

Our complacency, both as citizens and as Christians in the United States, over the past 40 years have all contributed to what happened to Terri.

All we need to do is to review the last four decades to see how it could be perfectly legal to kill a woman without any apprehension or compunction.

Where were we when prayer was taken out of our schools?

Where were we when abortion became legal?

Where were we when creationism was taken out of the curriculum in many schools?

Where are we now as religious symbols, such as The Ten Commandments, are removed from public buildings and parks?

Where are we as states consider legalizing gay marriages?

What are we doing as Christmas becomes a secular “winter holiday”?

Where have we been as films and television programs debase religious values and include more sex, violence and profanity?

And now we wonder, almost in disbelief, how this country could possibly permit the death of a woman based on hearsay from her husband – a man who has fathered two children by a common law marriage to another woman.

My point is that we must reclaim our Christian heritage as citizens of the United States before all of our freedoms and rights are taken away. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we are letting post-modern secular humanists rob of us our birthright.

First and foremost, we need to pray. Second, we need to get involved in our communities and governments. We must make our voices heard before we are silenced forever and we have to hide in basements to worship Our Father and Creator. Third, we need to promote positive Christian values and let Hollywood know that we will not tolerate their trash any longer.

For me, the death of Terri Schiavo was the last straw. I was born in 1950 and this is no longer the country that I knew back in the 1950s and 1960s. I want my country back and I am willing to do anything, short of violence, to get it back.

I have had enough and I am not going to take it anymore. The United States belongs to God. I belong to God. You belong to God. My most fervent prayer and hope is that God will use me, and you, in any way possible to restore this nation to its full potential in Christ.

The Lord has a plan for each one of us and he needs us to accomplish his perfect will here on earth. All we have to do is to listen to God and follow what he tells us to do. It is that simple.

If we allow God to guide us in the days and years ahead, then Terri Schiavo will not have died in vain. Her life, and that of countless others in similar circumstances, can help us return to this nation to its religious and spiritual core.

The fate of future generations depends on what we do today.


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Dr. Bruce C. Swaffield began teaching graduate studies at Regent University School of Communication & the Arts in August 2003 after an extensive career in newspaper and magazine-writing. He previously taught higher education at Roanoke College and Malone College. Swaffield retired in 2013, but continued teaching as an adjunct professor for Regent University until his death on August 17, 2016. Swaffield was known for his contagious love of Christ, his enthusiasm for his students, and his love of the Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear. His daily devotional website, “Devotions for Life: New