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Healed from Debilitating Chronic Sinus Infections

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“It was so painful, honestly, that I mean, I was just crying, you know. I just was like, 'I can't do this anymore, God, I just – I can't.'"

It had been two weeks since Gina Adoptante was diagnosed with a sinus infection in May 2022. Although in extreme pain, she opted not to use the steroids her doctor prescribed because of the side-effects and took over-the-counter ibuprofen instead.

“It just kind of, you know, took off the edge, if you will, just enough to kind of fall asleep. It was so intense with the sinus pressure that it was to the point where my jaws were even hurting from coughing so intensely.”

Gina also prayed and trusted God for her healing.

"It was a battle. It really was. It was just an overwhelming pressure and pain that was overwhelming. He kept saying to me, ‘This, too, will pass.' So, I'd just stand up and say, 'I'm not going to look at what it looks like anymore. I'm waiting on you, Lord.'"

One night it was especially hard for her to keep the faith.

"The pain and pressure and everything was really so bad that it was about 3:00 in the morning and I just – I sat up, I remember I started crying. I would just start walking the floors, just repeating scripture. I just kept confessing, ‘God is my healer. He is my healer. I am healed. By your stripes, I'm healed.'"

Then, on May 30th, Gina turned to the 700 Club, hoping to hear from God.

“They were to the section where they were talking about people receiving healings and they were going to pray for anyone who was sick. So, you know, of course I was just open ears.”

Just before the hosts prayed, Gordon read a report of someone who’d been healed through a word of knowledge from Terry Meeuwsen: “Someone else, you have chronic-and I mean chronic-- issue with your sinuses.”

“I praised God for that healing for them. But, you know, secretly, I thought, 'Well, I wish was that was for me.'" It wasn’t over yet.

Gordon prayed. "There’s someone, you heard the report about sinus conditions and you’re saying, ‘Please say sinus condition,’ so for you I’m saying, 'Sinus condition! All of that inflammation, everything that seems to be swollen and closed up, open now, in Jesus’ name! All the pain and headache associated with it, be gone now, in Jesus’ name! Be cleansed, be healed, be restored!'"

"I jumped up and my spirit just kind of leaped, and I said, ‘That's for me, Lord. That's it!’ That was confirmation. And that's what I wrote in my journal.”

That night, even though she still had symptoms, Gina continued to thank God for healing her.

“I went to bed, and I slept wonderful, I really did. It was one of the best night's sleep I had.”

Gina says by the next day, it was gone….

“The peace was there, and it was just wonderful! I know people have obviously bigger sicknesses than that. But it was very extreme. It was very extreme to me.”

Today, Gina is still symptom free and grateful to God for her healing.

“It was a growing experience for me because I learned to trust Him in a situation that I could have just fell apart. He came through. You think maybe he's not mindful of those things, but he's mindful of everything. He loves me, and he cares. He's just faithful and he is our healer.”

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