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Providing Help and Hope to Flood Victims

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Families in Eastern Kentucky were shaken by devastating floods that damaged many homes and businesses.

Pastor Jason explained, “I've never seen anything like this. The community's been turned upside down. Just the destruction of houses, families. They were awakened by the water coming into their house, into their bedroom, into the bed with them breaking the windows and all.”

When the waters receded, families were left without drinking water and other essentials while facing the troubling reality of the difficult road ahead.

“So, the sights, the sounds, the smells, all of it, it just, it just bears down on you when you get in these communities, because you see the devastation of the families as they're trying to sort through what might be left,” said Pastor Jason.

Operation Blessing teams deployed to local churches like Victorious Faith with water and cleaning supplies for families trying to take their first steps toward recovery.

Pastor Jason said, “So, that's why we're so appreciative of people like Operation Blessing. To answer all their needs that they have in the community, to clean up and to stay hydrated in a time like this. Because number one, the number one need that we're receiving is people need water. The second thing after a flood is people need cleaning supplies.”

With the help of our partners, Operation Blessing is committed to aiding disaster victims in their greatest time of need.

Pastor Jason said, “As a pastor on the ground in a devastated county, ‘Thank you for supporting Operation Blessing and making what you've provided for our community available through your generous giving, prayers, and support, in whatever way you support Operation Blessing.’”

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