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Water for a School in Mexico

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TIERRA BLANCA GUERRERO, Mexico – Children in Tierra Blanca Geurrero not only had to bring their books, homework and school supplies to class every day, but also their water.

The school in their small community had no running water, so the children brought what they would need each day for drinking and washing up. But many of the water sources near the community were contaminated, and the water the children brought often spread sickness and disease.

When CBN’s Operation Blessing relief workers arrived to help repair the damaged school after an earthquake, they heard about the water problem and knew that the school needed something beyond structural repair—the students needed running water.

Relief workers pumped in water from a well about 800 feet down the mountain and installed a water purification unit to remove the contaminants in the water. Then teams distributed the water to the school’s bathrooms and even set up a drinking fountain for the kids as well as a separate filling station where other community members can access clean water.

Thanks to these efforts, more than 1,500 people now have access to clean water.

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