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Spider-Man 3: Movie Review

Hannah Goodwyn


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Our "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" is back to thrill us with an action-packed adventure that provides an even better movie experience than Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 combined.

This new release lacks nothing. It’s full of exciting action sequences, climactic drama, humor, and a few nasty villains.

Spider-Man 3 checks in on our hero, Peter Parker, just as a tangling web of conflicts arise with his former best friend, Harry Osborne, girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, and two newest enemies – Sandman and Venom.

With the addition of new characters comes the need to establish their role in the overall Spider-Man story. One weakness in Spider-Man 3 could have been its inability to set up an organized storyline. But, it was an impressive strength. The plots aren’t overwhelming and the story is easy to follow.

Spider-Man 3: The Concluding Story

Director Sam Raimi, with the help of screenwriter Alvin Sargent and the talented cast, bring Spider-Man’s continuing saga to life in this exceptional film as it concludes the story started in Spider-Man (2002).

Harry and Peter are fighting over what really lead to the death of Harry’s father. Spider-Man finally is honored by the city as a hero. He's also getting some attention from Gwen Stacy, one of Peter’s classmates, upsetting his relationship with Mary Jane, the love of his life. Two fierce new villains are born. All the while, a battle rages within Spider-Man. He must choose to remain good or become evil, to forgive or take revenge.

It’s this personal struggle that makes this a memorable film. Over the past five years, fans have watched Peter grow up through these movies. Strong moral character has been his identity.  That all changes in Spider-Man 3. Peter really doesn’t know how to act or who to be – a hero or an avenger.

Peter begin to relish the boundless power the black suit gives him. He desires to take matters in his own hands and avenge his uncle's murder. Peter's dramatic change is so far from what audiences are familiar with that they may not recognize the hero they’ve grown to love. His flawed character – his pride, vengeful heart, and anger – is magnified as he reveals his darker side.

Who’s Who in Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 welcomes a few new faces to its cast. Academy Award nominee Thomas Haden Church (Sideways) joins as Flint Marko, a low level thug who later becomes Sandman. That’s 70’s Show TV star Topher Grace plays opposite Tobey as Eddie Brock, Jr., Peter Parker’s competition at the Daily Bugle. He’s also transforms into Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis – Venom. Bryce Dallas Howard from M. Night Shyamalan's The Village and Lady in the Water is Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man creator Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance.

Adding these great actors gives the movie an extra boost in the acting category. There’s one actor in particular who absolutely wows. Topher Grace’s performance as Venom is unforgettable. With the help of special effects team, he breathes life into this incredible creature. Die-hard fans may not like Topher in this role since Venom is a much large and older man in the comic books. But, Topher’s ability to show Eddie Brock’s deep desperation and his transformation into this enemy of Spider-Man is impressive. He’s also got the Tobey Maguire look, which lends itself to director Raimi’s desire to portray Venom as Spider-Man’s opposite.

Spider-Man 3 also has instances of well-placed humor. In particular, watch for a scene between Tobey Maguire’s character Peter Parker and a restaurant maitre d’ played by the always funny Bruce Campbell. You may remember him from the first two movies. He was the wrestling fight announcer in the first Spider-Man movie and the snooty theater usher in Spider-Man 2.

The Flaw in Spidey’s New Film

There’s not much to say as far as disappointments in what could be this summer’s biggest box office hit. But, there is one let down.

It seems to be getting harder for directors to keep epic films like this one to a reasonable length. This one is 2 hours and 20 minutes. My advice: don’t drink a lot of soda because you will not want to miss anything. Although Spider-Man 3 has a fairly long ending, its exciting story makes it a forgivable offense.

What to Expect

Parents, this film is not suitable for young kids. It’s rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence. There's no gore or over-the-top violence, but it’s an action movie so some violence is to be expected. Foul language is at a minimum.

Despite the violent battles starring Spidey and his foes, moviegoers will learn valuable lessons. Peter Parker's journey through Spider-Man 3 shows just how destructive pride can be even to a legendary hero and also the healing power of forgiveness. It really is the best flick of the three. Tobey Maguire agrees, saying this one is his favorite. Topher Grace, a comic book fan, is just happy to be a part of the project. He even jokingly says he would have done the film without pay.

Sony Pictures announced the possibility of Spider-Man 4 in the near future. But no decisions have been made as far as who will direct and star in it. The three powerhouse celebs involved this franchise – director Sam Raimi and actors Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst – all aren’t sure if and how they’ll be a part of the fourth movie. They have said that if there’s a good story to tell and the team stays together, then fans could see Tobey don the red and blue suit once again.

For now, enjoy this new movie that’s sure to delight millions worldwide. You’ll be glad you bought your $10 movie ticket. Trust me, its well worth the time and money.

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