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Ronald Winans



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Though feeling ill, Ronald joined his brothers Marvin, Carvin, and Michael Winans in song at a CBN event September 6, 1996. Ronald was sweating profusely and was easily exhausted, so much so that he had to take frequent rests. As the months passed, Ronald continued to feel bad. Having no idea of the seriousness of his condition, Ronald treated himself with simple medical treatment. Nothing changed until his brother Marvin stepped in and took Ronald to see a doctor he knew. Ronald was hospitalized immediately. Doctors were amazed that Ronald actually walked into the hospital. On January 31, 1997, the world learned that Ronald had suffered massive heart failure and was in critical condition. The news of his illness spread throughout the United States and abroad. The Winans family received innumerable calls from pastors, churches, music ministers, and friends, all relaying the same message that they were praying.

Supernatural Encounter in the OR

Ronald was unconscious in surgery when heart specialist Dr. Michael Deeb came out to talk to his parents and family gathered at the hospital. His chances looked bleak. In spite of what the medical stats showed, Pop Winans told the doctor to do all he could, and they would pray and God would do the rest. They prayed over the doctor’s hands. After being so near death, Ronald’s heart started and he lived!

Prior to surgery, Ronald said his main request to God was, “Don’t let me die.” He believed that his work on earth was not over, that it was too soon for him to leave. “I haven’t finished what You want me to do,” he told the Lord.

Ronald said he woke up feeling like he’d been hit by a Mack truck, but the experience taught him that even in a comatose state, he could know what was going on around him. “I knew who people were,” he said. His first question was, “Where is my mother?” He learned that the soul never dies; he was in a place of peace. He knew himself and knew who Jesus was. He said one day he will write a book detailing more specifics of this profound experience. He can now tell people to never give up. God has the last word. “Even when it looks darkest, God can go behind the door,” he said.

After this episode, Ronald’s life was very busy with his music, speaking, and teaching. He felt called to help build the Kingdom. He lead a more active lifestyle, spendt time swimming, walking, and working out at the gym. “I also pay closer attention to my diet these days,” he said.

On June 17, 2005, the Lord called Ronald home. He was remembered as a man who loved life and celebrated it everyday.

Singing is in the Genes

The Winans, twins Marvin and Carvin, Ronald and Michael, are part of a family of 10. They were raised in Detroit and learned godly principles from birth. Their great-great grandfather founded the church in which all 10 Winans children received the gospel grounding that has collectively won them multiple Grammy Awards.

Their parents, David and Deloris Winans, known to many as “Mom & Pop Winans,” actively applied biblical training in their home. Not being allowed to have secular music in their home, (“All our stars were gospel artists,” Ronald said), all the Winans kids received their musical training in church, singing in the choir and harmonizing at home.

As demand for the Winans brothers’distinctive gospel style increased, the group’s acclaim quickly extended beyond their local area and caught the attention of Andrae Crouch. Eventually, they caught the attention of Quincy Jones, who produced their 1986 Grammy-winning Let My People Go.

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