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Red Dawn: Movie Review

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The latest remake to hit theaters is Red Dawn, a retelling of the ‘80s action flick starring Patrick Swayze where a group of teenagers fought against invading communist forces. This new version tells a similar story, but with more firepower.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, whom you might recognize as Thor, in the leading role, Red Dawn focuses on a group of teens who escape capture and rise up in rebellion against the invading North Korean army. Rated PG-13, this action movie is not without violent scenes, warranting a caution to parents of young moviegoers.


Everyday life is forever changed in a Northwestern city when North Korean paratroopers start dropping from the sky. With not much time to react, Jed and his brother Matt, along with a few others evade the occupiers, finding refuge in the nearby mountains. A desire to fight back and free their loved ones compels the small band to organize and strike the enemy where it hurts. Outmanned and outgunned, the Wolverines, as they call themselves, rely on their will to save their hometown.


This retold story of American teens rebelling against an invading force isn't just an action flick. It poses engaging thought-provoking questions: What would you do to save your family? What's the real definition of a freedom fighter and a terrorist? Who would you die to rescue?

Hemsworth, as Jed, is a heavy hitter on the cast, and is joined by Josh Peck (Drake & Josh), who plays his brother. The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson is a rebel named Robert. His character's best friend is played by actor Tom Cruise's son, Connor. It's in the secondary cast where the acting trouble comes in, especially with Matt's girlfriend, played by Isabel Lucas (Immortals).

Another disappointment is the film's predictability. You can see quite a few of the key moments in this action drama coming. The flow of the story works fairly well, but a few more surprises would have given audiences a better movie experience.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of war violence and foul language, Red Dawn is not a kid-friendly movie. Intense explosions and firefights abound. Therefore, caution is advised.


With a lackluster ending and its other downfalls, Red Dawn isn't the best remake to hit theaters lately. Just looking at its action merits, it's a good popcorn flick. Beyond that, it's not mind-blowing.

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