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Owl City's "All Things Bright and Beautiful": Music Review

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Remember "Fireflies" - the catchy song that dominated the airwaves? Well, the synthpop singer/songwriter behind that tune is set to make another music wave with his new album, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Aptly named, Owl City's refreshing record is filled with summery, bright tunes that create beautiful imagery and are backed by great dance beats. It showcases a familiar sound, one you could easily pick out of a summer radio lineup. Adam Young (the talented guy behind Owl City) proves his lyrical prowess with fun and funny songs that are far from superficial.

In fact, his optimism and faith shine right through, making this new project one you’ll want to add to your collection.

Album Highlights: "Honey and the Bee", "Galaxies”, "Alligator Sky"

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