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The Odd Life of Timothy Green: Movie Review

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You may recognize The Odd Life of Timothy Green as the new movie with the boy with leaves growing out of his legs.

This quirky film from Walt Disney, starring Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton, tells an emotive story about family, love and adoption. Directed by Peter Hedges, The Odd Life of Timothy Green offers audiences a light-hearted, heart-warming movie experience.


The Greens desperately want to be parents. They’ve tried every avenue it seems, but nothing has worked. One night, Cindy and Jim dream about what their child would be like, wishing him into existence. Then, Timothy shows up, an answer to their wishful prayers. As it turns out, he is a gift not only to their small family, but also to their struggling small town of Stanleyville.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green is one of the best family-friendly, live-action films released this year. All of the facets of quality filmmaking are present—from the acting to the script, the look and feel of the movie to its message. Its strong production value complements Timothy’s touching story of how a unique little boy and family love can make such a difference.

Actress and real-life mother of three Jennifer Garner brings the emotion needed in her role as Cindy, a woman anxious to be a mom. Joel Edgerton plays Cindy’s husband Jim, completing the believable couple. Their character's true frustration is felt as the story unfolds. Newcomer CJ Adams is beyond adorable, a good fit for the distinct role of Timothy.

Rated PG for mild thematic elements and brief language, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is appropriate for most ages. One aspect worth noting has to do with Timothy’s reaction to the sun. When it peaks out from behind the clouds, Timothy lifts his arms toward as if to bask in its rays. Interpretation for what that may mean, if anything, is subjective. It could come across as New Age, or something entirely different and less philosophical.


An engaging, little film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is this summer’s surprise at the movies.

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