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Last Vegas: Movie Review

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Undoubtedly pitched as The Hangover for seniors, Last Vegas follows four AARP-eligible best friends as they live it up in 'Sin City'. Last Vegas has star power that shines just as much as Vegas lights, but its moments of cheap humor are blinding.

Though it has a PG-13 rating, Last Vegas is raunchy to say the least. (You'll find more details on the movie's questionable content later in the review.)


They call themselves the 'Flatbush Four'. Billy, Archie, Paddy and Sam were inseparable as kids growing up in Brooklyn, NY, and they've been best friends ever since. With Billy's impending nuptials on the horizon, the four meet up in Vegas to throw their old friend the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. But, their wild weekend isn't all fun and games as their friendships and limitations are tested.


Last Vegas has some heavy hitters in its cast, namely screen legends Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman. In the opening scene, we see their four characters bond, and we're immeditately bonded with them. We're engaged in a roller coaster of a story about four grown men who want to be young, free and independent again.

Don't get me wrong. Last Vegas has some standout hilarious moments and a fairly appealing storyline. But all that's overshadowed by cheap moments and obvious humor. Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language, Last Vegas may at times make you cringe. The f-bomb, profanity and scantily clad extras are enough to make the discerning moviegoer think twice. But the buck doesn't stop there. (Spoilers ahead!)

One particular scene comes to mind. The four friends are poolside judging a skimpy bikini contest. The emcee of the contest rips off his pants and exhibits upclose, lewd behavior. Is that comedy?

Sam (Kline) has a touching realization about his marriage, but that's ruined with a crude sexual remark. Going for the laugh kept the scene from having a lasting heartfelt moment.


Last Vegas misses the mark on too many levels to make it a must-see. Its moments of hilarity and look at friendship and love are hampered by its offensive content.

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