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Journey to My Better Half

Share This article - NASHVILLE, TN - Todd Starnes, a network news reporter and anchor for Fox News Radio, will release his first book, They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick with Pathway Press this March.   

The book is the personal story of Starnes’ journey from a 300-pound guy with a bad heart to a 150-pound guy who ran the New York City Marathon. Sharing his story through a series of humorous and inspirational essays that begins on the day he was diagnosed with a near-fatal heart condition, readers will learn how he lost nearly half his body weight, dealt with the deaths of his parents, and ran the marathon – all within a span of three years.

Starnes’ debut book is drawn from a journal he kept to document his heart surgery, his recovery, and ultimately his weight loss. He gives us a glimpse into his life using heartfelt stories and homespun humor – with chapters like “Dear Jesus, Thank You For Butter,” “Breaking Wind and Other Lessons in Humility,” and “I Have Ugly Feet.”  Starnes’ world is one of vulnerability, laughter, heartache, and disappointment. But it’s also about trusting God and clinging to Him when all appears hopeless.
“You know, there are some folks that just need a nudge from the Lord,” he writes. “Others need to be poked and prodded into following His call. And then, there are believers like me – who require a bit more severe persuasion – like ripping open your chest and whacking your heart.”
Along with an endorsement and forward from former Arkansas Governor and host of Fox News Channel’s hit show HUCKABEE, Mike Huckabee, other notables are commenting on Starnes’ story:

“This book has a very catchy title, but wait until you hear my friend Todd Starnes' story. Meet the man with the great big heart from the family that prays to butter. It's about how the love of food can kill you and how to step away from the cheesecake.” — STEVE DOOCY, Host, FOX & Friends

 “All of us have a story....I have no doubt you will find yourself somewhere in Todd's story and say, "wow, that's me." Welcome to Todd's world: Vulnerability, laughter, heartache and disappointment, career changes, an unhealthy lifestyle, a very sick heart, tough words from doctor, a road to change and recovery, a road to the finish line at the New York Marathon, strong family foundation, a relentless love for barbeque. Some things a man simply can't go without. Todd Starnes is a brilliant communicator. He speaks from his heart to yours. And he speaks with transparency and intimacy.”
— DON BOYKIN, Deputy Managing Editor (retired), Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Todd is an accomplished journalist and the ultimate professional, but he's peeled away the formalities of news reporting to share his personal experience in how God gently dispenses His tender mercies. His story is personal and sometimes Southern homespun, but not contrived. He doesn't dish out ideology, but he deals with some of the big ideas about God in a way that is real and fun and compelling to read. “— WILL HALL, Executive Editor, Baptist Press


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Born in the Deep South, Todd Starnes now calls New York City home. And like any good Southern boy, he likes his tea sweet, his chicken fried, and his biscuits buttered. Starnes is the author of “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again.” He also offers a regular blog and radio show at A former Fox News contributor, his newest venture is Starnes Media Group, which he described as "a multi-faceted broadcasting and digital company focused on delivering authentic conservative news and commentary." Starnes has covered numerous high-profile national stories over the