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Employment Benefits

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The CBN Culture

CBN is a mission-driven ministry whose objective is to proclaim Jesus Christ throughout the world. At the same time, CBN is recognized as a professionally accomplished leader in the field of media and communications. This unique combination provides a work environment that allows team members to grow both professionally and spiritually. The mission of CBN is to help meet both the spiritual and physical needs of people. For CBN team members, this means they can end each workday knowing they have been part of something profoundly important. At CBN, a "job" is not as much a job as it is a calling!

Daily Chapel

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong commitment to the spiritual priorities of CBN, employees gather each day for a time of worship, prayer and sharing from God's Word. Chapel is considered part of the paid workday.


CBN encourages employees to take time away from their normal work schedule for spiritual, mental and physical refreshment. Vacation is awarded as follows:

  • Full-time regular exempt employees accrue 138 hours per year.
  • Full-time regular non-exempt employees accrue 96 hours per year (138 hours per year after five years of service).
  • Part-time regular employees averaging 20+ hours per week accrue 48 hours per year.
  • Full-time regular exempt and non-exempt employees who have completed 6 years of service accrue additional hours of vacation each year up to a maximum of 177 hours.
  • Part-time regular employees who have completed 6 years of service accrue additional hours of vacation each year up to a maximum of 90 hours.

Vacation hours are accrued on a monthly basis.


CBN observes the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day (half day)*
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day (half day)*
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

* On these days, employees gather for a time of worship, prayer and communion.

Sick Leave

Regular full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 8 hours per month. Regular part-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 4 hours per month.

Paid Parental Leave

CBN offers regular full-time and part-time employees paid parental leave. After one year of employment, new Moms receive 12 consecutive weeks and new Dads receive 6 consecutive weeks.

Medical and Dental Insurance

CBN offers full-time, regular employees a choice of medical plans administered through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of America. A comprehensive Dental plan administered by Delta Dental is also available.

Following is a link to the required “Truth in Coverage” disclosures of pricing and cost sharing in machine-readable files (MRF) maintained by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which provides administrative services for the CBN Health Plan.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is provided for full-time regular employees at twice the employee's annual salary, rounded up to the next thousand. There is no cost to the employee for this coverage. The employee may purchase additional Voluntary Life coverage.

Disability Insurance

Both short term and long term disability insurance coverages are provided at no cost to regular, full-time employees: Short term: After an employee is unable to report to work for 14 consecutive days, Short Term disability pays 60 percent of base weekly salary up to a maximum of $1,500/week for 26 weeks. Long term: After the employee has been out of work for 26 weeks, this insurance pays 66 2/3% of base monthly salary, up to a maximum of $7,500/month.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Administered by Fidelity Investments, the 401(k) plan is provided as a means of saving for retirement.  Employees have full control over their investment portfolio and are vested immediately.

Workers' Compensation

In the event of a work-related injury, this insurance pays 66.67 percent of weekly wages for time lost from work in excess of seven days up to the maximum set by law.

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