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The Word from God Came 3 Days Later

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“You have fear and you have faith --- I had to get ahold of my fear, and put it to my faith.”

On October 30, 2018, one phone call completely uphended the lives of the Pellicotte Family. “It said University Medical Center, I knew without a doubt, she was in trouble. I just kept slamming my hands on the steering wheel, just trying to get to her,” Sheri Pellicotte described.

Sheri’s first call was to her husband Dennis. Their 20-year-old daughter, Jaclyn, and her boyfriend were pulling out at a busy intersection, when a large truck slammed into the passenger side of their Jeep where Jaclyn was sitting. Rescue personnel rushed Jaclyn to University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas where her parents arrived shortly after. Although her boyfriend walked out with minor injuries, Jaclyn suffered numerous injuries, fractures, and a traumatic brain injury. She wasn’t expected to live much longer. “To process somebody telling your daughter's not gonna survive…it just doesn't set in because you're like, this can't happen to us. I just saw Jaclyn, three hours ago at home, how can we already be here in a hospital with her fighting for her life?" asked Dennis Pellicotte.

In surgery, doctors had to remove two portions of Jaclyn’s skull to relieve pressure on the brain. Hours later, Sheri and Dennis were finally allowed to see Jaclyn, who was now in a medically induced coma. Doctors did not know how much more time Jaclyn had, if any. Even if so, they were certain she would never be herself again.
About three days later, Sheri says she was praying for her daughter when she received a word from God. Sheri shared, “God told me Jacqueline would be recovered and she would have a foundation and she would bring thousands to Him through her testimony. The prayers after that prayer changed everything because it was now, we had this hope, we had this God, big God standing beside us.”

For two months Jaclyn held on, before she was transported to TIRR Memorial in Houston, a hospital that specializes in traumatic brain rehabilitation. Finally, when it became clear that Jaclyn would live at least, they brought her out of the coma. She still showed no signs of cognitive or physical recovering. “Jacqueline was in a wheelchair. Jacqueline was not speaking. Jacqueline could not hold her head up. She could not really move her legs at all,” Sheri described.

In the coming months Jaclyn would endure intense rehab. Friends and family continued to pray daily. Jaclyn remained in rehab for nearly a year before finally going home -- still in a wheelchair, and bedridden. Then one night, Jaclyn surprised her mom when she spoke for the first time since her accident, saying the words, “I love you.” Two months later, Jaclyn continued to surprise when she stood up for the first time, another unexpected milestone. As she continued rehab, Jaclyn found different ways to get back to normal, which included building over 200 Lego sets, building her hand/eye coordination back.

Jaclyn went on to continue her college career, majoring in pre-med to become a neuropsychologist. She and her parents also started the JaclynStrong Foundation to spread their testimony and help other families with TBI. The Pellicotte family also have a renewed belief in prayer for themselves and for others. Dennis said, “We're still healing, we're still recovering; I have a testimony, and my testimony is how good God is. Whether He chose to heal or take. I thank Him for leaving Jacqueline here to spread his word --- the power of praying is amazing.” 

When asked about what she now believes about miracles, Jaclyn herself shares: "There are miracles in the Bible, but I feel like so many people don't see real day life miracles now. So after they watch mine, then they can see that miracles do happen. God is the same; never changed, never will.”

Jaclyn’s unbelievable story has been covered by several news and media agencies in the El Paso area, and it was shared on Easter Sunday at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, and is generally known for its exceptionally miraculous nature in its defiance of its medical prognosis. 

For more information regarding the JaclynStrong Foundation, which provides assistance with food, lodging, and parking for other TBI patients please visit: JaclynStrong Foundation.

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