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From War-Torn Iraq to a Financial Minefield

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Rick is an Army Special Forces soldier following in his father’s footsteps. When he deployed to Iraq, he experienced the impact of war firsthand. Rick explained, “Sometimes we’d get shot at as soon as we left the gate. There wasn't a day that we would ever go out on a convoy mission that we wouldn't have to stop because somebody spotted an I.E.D.”

After Rick returned, he met and married Casey. It’s hard for Casey to comprehend what he endured.

Casey said, “I couldn't even imagine. Still, to this day when he talks about it, I’m like, I don’t know I could? I could never do that.”

When Rick retired, the couple could easily maintain the family budget. However, their plan quickly fell apart when they learned Rick’s retirement pay would be delayed. The couple managed with Casey’s salary until they discovered she needed surgery and would be out of work without pay for several months.

Rick recalled, “It's tough. I'm worried, overwhelmed. Definitely frustrated.” 

The couple struggled to afford basic necessities like food and were unable to make their mortgage payments. Foreclosure was looming. Adding to their crisis, their family vehicle broke down. Rick and Casey learned it needed a new engine and transmission.

Casey shared, “I'm afraid for our family. I'm afraid that we're gonna lose everything.”

As believers, Rick and Casey turned to their faith and prayed for a solution.

Rick said, “My faith is a big comfort. I pray that God points us in the right direction, helps us make the right decisions with what we have.”

Casey continued, “This situation has definitely helped improve my prayer life. I've had to rely on nothing else but God.” 

Financial relief was around the corner when a ministry called Reboot contacted CBN about the couple’s crisis. Dory Nissen with Helping the Home Front came by with big news.  

Dory shared, “CBN and Helping the Home Front is going to get you caught up on your mortgage."

Casey exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Wow! We aren’t going to lose our house!”

Dory continued, "We have one more surprise. We are making arrangements to fix your transmission and your engine.”

Casey exclaimed, “Thank you so much!”

Rick continued, “Thank you. God never gives us more than we can handle. God always provides.”

The couple headed to Paylor Powertrain to get the vehicle repaired and their mortgage was covered until Rick’s retirement pay kicked in. Shortly afterward, Casey returned to work. Thanks to Helping the Home Front, this family is now back on financial track.

Casey said, “I'd like to say to the CBN partners, thank you so much! You have no clue what you've done for us today."

Rick shared, “I can't thank CBN's Helping the Home Front and the CBN partners enough. It's absolutely amazing."

Casey concluded, “A true blessing!”

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Dory Nissen

Dory Nissen has been story telling for CBN since 1993. She joined CBN when her husband received orders to Norfolk, VA. She loves sharing stories of God’s grace. Her most recent focus has been on producing stories showcasing how CBN financially helps military families. As a Navy sailor’s wife, she understands the challenges military life brings.