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Carlos and Alexa PenaVega on Marriage and 'The Power Couple'

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Picture a true power couple – she has the ability to catapult fireballs from her hands; he commands cold and can instantly freeze any object.

Now picture this power couple in marriage counseling in the midst of a fight. Yes, things catch on fire.

Pureflix Entertainment’s latest offering on their online streaming service is the 6-episode series The Power Couple. Starring Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, it’s the story of a young married couple who are going through a bumpy time – and they also happen to be superheroes.

The PenaVegas are at the center of the action as parents-to-be superheroes Vince and Gaby Powers. Alexa and Carlos each developed their own careers before they met and eventually married in 2014. Alexa hit the big screen as a youngster in the Spy Kids films, and Carlos is known for his role with the music group Big Time Rush. The couple are quickly building a united entertainment empire. They tackle projects as a team on the latest Hallmark production of Picture Perfect Mysteries, and you can also catch a glimpse of their life at home in Hawaii on their Youtube channel.

Despite the busyness of their lives, these two make their marriage a priority, and their careful concern is reflected in the loving chemistry they naturally display on The Power Couple. Both the PenaVegas and their on-screen counterparts Vince and Gaby are Christians and make sure to keep Christ at the center of their relationship.

Viewers can expect a lighthearted look at the superheroes as they stumble through the responsibilities of saving the world while working out serious issues with a Christian counselor. Alexa says that people can learn a few key principles from their characters’ experience.

Alexa: “I think that first thing is listening. We’re really quick when we're frustrated with somebody, and it's very easy to react quickly and get defensive and offended. The biggest takeaway is just listening to your spouse. I know when Carlos annoys me, it's super easy to want just quickly tell him my opinion instead of really hearing him out. So, I hope that they take away – just to be rooted in Jesus – but also to be patient and listen.”

Alexa and Carlos were each Christians before they met at church. But it was their marriage which helped develop their faith even more deeply. They agree that having a foundation based on God and the fruits of the spirit was essential, and that it was unlike any other relationship they had ever had.

After learning some communication skills in counseling, the superheroes are compelled to mentor a fellow supercouple, who are facing their own crisis while trying to achieve the perfect Instagram façade. It seems no one is immune to the pressure to be perfect – even superheroes.

Alexa: “I think that we're in this time of 'what you see is not what you get.' With all the social media – everything that's out there – everything is in your face. But it doesn't necessarily mean that's what's actually happening, right? It’s so easy to get consumed by the prettiness of the relationship as opposed to the root of your relationship. Communication is super key in a relationship. It's taking the time to find what works for you and your spouse because everybody's going to be different. The key takeaway from all of this is communicate and have that love and patience with one another.”

The real-life couple is determined to maintain contentment, even amidst the current culture of constant comparison.

Alexa: We're just kind of going where God's taking us. The season that we're in is being content with where He has us because He's all we need, and we don't need anything else. It's such a hard thing to grasp because especially with social media, we see all these people around us doing this movie, and doing this and that…

Carlos: …or how come they got this article? And I just kind of picture us as parents giving our kids – I just bought Ocean a trampoline [that we could afford]. What if he sees this and is not happy with it because he sees that the kid next door has the most expensive trampoline in the world? ‘I gave you the best that I could and you're not happy.’ For us in this season, I'm picturing God going, ‘Look where I've put you guys, look at the opportunity that I've given you. How are you not content?’ I've been making that connection…so I think what's next for us is just – we're super happy where we're at and if God brings up more opportunities, let's do it.

Be sure to catch The Power Couple, now streaming exclusively on, and check out the season premier below!




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