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'Penguin Bloom': Movie Review

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PENGUIN BLOOM is a drama based on a true story of the Bloom family and is streaming on Netflix.

The movie opens as the eldest Bloom boy, Noah, narrates over home video. He talks about his mother, Sam, and her love for surfing and her joy in being a mother to him and his two brothers as well as a loving wife to his father. His story has a somber tone and turns sorrowful when he describes a vacation that would change the family’s lives forever.

Noah recalls their most recent vacation to Thailand, where his family is enjoying the tropics. When they go to the roof of where they are staying, Sam leans against a railing as it falls away.

Cuts to the present day, and Sam is in a wheelchair. Her husband must help her out of bed, take a shower and cook the boys’ lunch before taking them to school. Sam feels like she’s useless as a mother and wife. Although her mother sometimes visits her during the day, she spends most of the day alone in the house.

As Sam’s depression grows, her husband and sons struggle to adjust. One day, Noah finds an injured magpie bird. Although reluctantly, Sam allows her family to nurture the bird back to health. Now, Sam isn’t alone, and she starts to look after the bird, which they name Penguin. As the family struggles to persevere and love one another, Penguin begins to have a positive impact on the family’s bonds with one another and on Sam’s emotional healing.

PENGUIN BLOOM is a heartfelt, emotional, absorbing story about healing and overcoming tragedy. Although the movie tackles heavy themes, it champions marriage, forgiveness and the importance of family. PENGUIN BLOOM isn’t a movie for younger children and doesn’t mention God or faith, but it has strong positive messages. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for pre-teen children due to some violence and depicted depression in nightmares.

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