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Miracles Out of Mistakes

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In 2015, Jessica Munden, a single mother on government assistance was waiting tables at Waffle House, hoping to find a better paying job. 

“$2.13 an hour plus tips,” said Jessica. “I got to the point where I have to do something better.”

Within a couple months a recruiter at Waffle House offered her advancement. However, there was a complication, Jessica had a criminal record.

“I was so embarrassed, because it wasn’t who I was at this point and anyone who worked with me would never would have guessed that about me,” said Jessica.

Two years earlier, Jessica was making a six-figure income running an escort service and living lavishly.

“I spent it as soon as it came in honestly.”

That life had a cost. Arrested a number of times, Jessica didn’t believe she had a way out.

She said, “I was scared, and I started calling out to God.”

For years, family and friends had shared the love of God with her. In 2012 she started watching church online and even financially supported the ministry.  

“I like to give because we were poor growing up,” said Jessica. “And so that instilled compassion in me to help others.”

In time, Jessica attended her mother’s church and there she accepted Jesus Christ. Leaving the escort business behind as well as a six-figure income, she couldn’t afford her lease and the two rental properties she owned were in disrepair. So, she moved her family in with relatives.

“There were times that fear would try to creep in, but honestly, I just did not think about it a lot because God, He was so good. He took me, you know, out of the industry. He made a way,” said Jessica.

She started working at Waffle House for $2.13 an hour plus tips and at church was learning about tithing.

“The 10% was just a conviction of mine,” said Jessica. “One thing God says test me in the area of money. And there were times I would say, “Lord, I’m testing you.”

“I would get a weekly check and my tips, that I would take home daily and I would claim my tips. And I was still tithing off of that.”

Her financial situation began to change when one of her rentals sold which allowed her and the children to move into the other.

She said, “God made a way.”

Then, there was the problem with the criminal record. Jessica was concerned it would rule out the promotion. She was wrong.

“I was surprised. I was actually, yes I was very surprised”

The promotion came with a salary and, her earnings quadrupled. She was no longer on government assistance.

“I was doing my income taxes and I looked at the previous year and I was oh my goodness. Reality just hit me again, like wow, this is amazing. A whole lot more money,” said Jessica.

For the next five years, Jessica continued to get promotions and increased her giving with each one.

Jessica said, “God honors us when we honor Him, even in our finances.”

“He can do more in a year that we can do in our entire life. And looking back today it blows my mind, the things that He’s done in my life.”

Today Jessica is responsible for recruiting in 26 Waffle House locations in the Louisville and Indianapolis region. Her story is one of trusting God.

“It does require trust to tithe,” said Jessica. “What He gives to us is a gift but what we do back is a gift to Him.”

“We honor Him with the resources He’s blessed us with.”


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