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Keeping God First

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When Jim and Krista Hitchcock’s custom mold making business lost one of its main clients, the two continued to trust God with their finances and tithe as they always had before. 

“Money was scarce,” Jim said. "We depended on those food pantries ourselves a few times. But we always had a little bit, you know, and always gave off the little that we had. So we've always tithed.”

“It was a challenge,” Krista said about their period of financial insecurity. “But God still provided for us through that time.”  

Jim got the idea to begin selling the custom molds he made for his previous client on eBay. This opened up a revenue stream from other buyers.

“And so, then the business started increasing from that point,” Jim said. “God proved Himself to be faithful over and over and over.”

Jim then developed his own website – American Quality Molds. As the business grew through the years, the Hitchcocks continued to tithe off the salary he paid himself from the profits. That was until he says he received a word from God.

“The Holy Spirit started speaking to me, that inner voice,” Jim said. "‘I want you to start tithing off the gross income of the business, instead of what you pay yourself.’ “Then the blessing just multiplied and multiplied.”

“It was amazing how quickly God showed up,” Krista said. “He just started getting repeat customers over and over, where they may have ordered once a year, now they were ordering every month.”

In 2018, after thirteen prosperous years of business, the Hitchcocks sold American Quality Molds. They received more than double what they originally estimated the business was worth. Jim and Krista continue to enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor go to help others in need. They also became regular viewers of The 700 Club and were inspired to give to the work of CBN after watching stories of people’s needs being met around the world.

“I like to give to Operation Blessing,” Jim said. “They're always first responding, they're always there when people need help. So, it's a no brainer to give to them because they put the money to good use.”

“Orphan’s Promise is probably one of my favorite aspects – watching how they minister to children around the world, especially right now in the Ukraine,” Krista said.

After many years of trusting God with their finances and reaping the blessings, Jim and Krista are happy to see the fruits of their labor go to help others.

“You can’t outgive God,” Krista said. “I mean, I feel like if you are faithful to give that tithe, He is going to be very faithful in taking care of you.”

“God's faithful,” Jim said. “He's faithful to give back over and abundantly what we give to Him, or we give to others in His name. I just feel blessed every day to get up and serve a wonderful father.”

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About The Author

Isaac Gwin

Isaac Gwin joined Operation Blessing in 2013 as a National Media Liaison producing domestic hunger relief stories. He then moved to Israel in 2015 where he spent the next six years as a CBN Features Producer developing stories throughout the Middle East. Now back in the U.S., Isaac continues to produce inspiring, true life stories for The 700 Club.