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Experiencing God’s Financial Blessing

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Robyn and Nicholas Sanchez love spending quality time with their boys. Robyn says her greatest joy is simply being a mom.

Robyn says, “What's important to me is that I'm able to be around my children and feel that I'm there as a mom.”

After they married, Robyn and Nicholas committed to regularly give to their church and tithe. Robyn’s occupation as a social worker and caretaker, and Nicholas’s job as an exterminator provided them with financial stability to take care of all their needs. That is until taxes on their two-bedroom home went up 10% making it difficult for them to afford.

Robyn recalls, “They were already almost $11,800. There was no extra for any kind of extracurricular, any kind of fun or anything like that. So things were really tight.”

So after five months of increases, they made the decision to move their family from New Jersey to Florida in hopes of a better financial life. The Sanchez’s had to trust that their home would sell.

Robyn shares, “We were scared, but we left it in God's hands hoping that we would find a buyer that was able to pay those kind of taxes.”

To their surprise, their home soon sold for double what they expected, allowing them to comfortably purchase in Florida. Robyn quickly found new employment, however, Nicholas struggled to find work. Even with their newly reduced cost of living, it was challenging to make it on one income.

Robyn says, “It absolutely was disastrous. So the dream is falling apart. We're watching it fall. I would pray daily and just cry. Dear God, this is exactly what I would say every day. Please remove me from this situation if it's your will.”

They continued to tithe through three months of uncertainty.
Robyn shares, “Tithing is super important. Obedience is how you see his goodness. Faith and tithing, I believe is the breeding ground for miracles.”

Nicholas couldn’t find work, so they decided to relocate a second time to Pennsylvania. Fortunately, they were able to sell the Florida home to a developer.

Robyn recalls, “And she offered me $50,000 over the asking. I was like, my God, how could I ever thank you?”

Robyn and Nicholas found jobs and were happy they could support their family on two incomes. The Sanchezs continued to be faithful to God with their tithes. In 2020, Robyn began watching the 700 Club during covid and started giving regularly to the ministry in 2022.

Robyn shares, “When I watched the 700 Club, you can see the emotions in the people, when they're sharing their testimonies. When Gordon is praying and saying, right now I see somebody at home with a muscular degenerative disease or with an eye issue or with a heart issue. It's so pinpointed and so exact that I felt compelled that I have to give. Blessings are not always financial. Sometimes it’ll be a health blessing, a job blessing, but you’ll get a blessing back.”

Today, Robyn is a regional manager for a home healthcare agency. Her salary increased by more than 40%. She also routinely earns random bonuses, up to $1,000. Robyn believes everyone should give because God blesses the giver.

Robyn says, “Trust that when you give you just let go. Fully let go. Show God that you have some faith because His word says it takes a mustard seed and that faith is going to be rewarded right on time.”

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