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 An Unusual Choice Brings Blessings

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Born and raised in the Philippines, Jim and Ailyn Tan, have seen first-hand the work CBN is doing there. Ailyn says CBN was, “Showing Jesus' love, not just through words or sermons, but actually in tangible ways to actually ease their suffering and improve their lives.” So, when the couple moved to the U.S. in 2001, they knew CBN was a ministry they wanted to support.  

In addition to tithing at church, the Tans joined the 700 Club, pledging $40 a month. Jim says, “Seeing CBN, helping out people in need. It inspired Ailyn and myself because it's not just a ministry of building churches and spreading the word. It's also a ministry of helping people out.”

The Tans used Ailyn’s salary as a nurse to live on and Jim’s salary was set aside for savings. They always made tithing a priority before paying any bills and increased their giving to CBN over the years. Jim says, “All our resources are from God. We are just stewards of it.”

Then, in 2016, Jim was laid off from his job. With their older daughter, Pia, starting college in two years, the Tans wondered what they should do. Ailyn recalls, “We were really banking on that income for her college expenses. So ‘worried’ was probably an understatement.”

During that time Ailyn says God prompted her to do something unusual with their tithe. She recalls, “I was doing the budgeting one night and of course, silently whining to the Lord, like, ‘Why is this happening?’ And the Lord impressed upon my heart to go up to 11%, and try to increase 1% every year until I tell you to stop.”

Jim says, “It kind of surprised me though, when she said that she was going to increase it. But I trust my wife. She has a good judgment on that.”

So, the Tans increased their giving by 1%. Ailyn says, “There's just blessings that came in, you know, a raise, or I move up a tier in my nursing. I just feel like it was the Lord that carried us through that.”

Jim found temporary work as Ailyn was offered better and better positions. They obeyed God and increased their giving by 1% each year, as well as increasing their CBN Club level over the years. Jim says, “To a normal layman it would be illogical because your income is smaller, but it won't bother you actually, you just be surprised by the blessing that you get afterwards.”

After 7 years, the Lord told them they no longer needed to add 1% to their giving. The Tans saw God provide, in fact, their daughter was able to graduate from UCLA without any student debt. Ailyn says, “I credit that to God's faithfulness. You know, if you just obey, then he's faithful to just see you through.”

Jim was able to take early retirement. As 2500 Club Members, the Tans enjoy seeing the work their gifts are doing around the world, especially in Israel. Jim says, “We strongly support Israel. To be able to channel the resources that have been given to us, back to God. And then also to Israel. We're happy with that, super happy with that.”

Ailyn says, “Seeing CBN Israel reach out to the Jewish people is very important to us, and it makes us happy.”

By trusting God with their finances over the years, Jim and Ailyn have seen God’s blessing over them. Now their younger daughter is headed to college and the Tans have no concerns about paying for her education. Ailyn says, “So unlike the time when Pia left for UCLA, where we’re like, okay, where are we gonna get the money? This time the Lord has provided for us for her tuition already.”

They encourage everyone to step out in faith and see how God will provide. Ailyn says, “For those that are hesitant about giving or worried, I was there, I know how it feels. Just obey and take that leap of faith.”

Jim says, “It may not make sense, but you just have to learn to trust the Lord, and you will be blessed.”


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About The Author


About The Author

Zsa Zsa Palagyi
Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Palagyi loves to tell stories about the Lord. Originally from California, she moved to NYC to work in TV, where she committed her life to Christ and was later called into Christian media. Now a CBN producer and Christian radio on-air personality, she seeks authenticity and enjoys art, culture, travel, fitness, fashion, the beach, and cats.