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Encouraging Girls to Walk in God's Calling

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Linsey’s sixth children’s book is called Girls of the World. The new release is currently #10 on the New York Times best-seller list for Children’s Picture books. Her previous bestselling titles include: Smallest Spot of a Dot (2023), How High Is Heaven? (2022), Stay This Way Forever (2021), One Big Heart (2019), and The World Is Awake (2019). The book encourages children to use their voices, talents, and intelligence to help the world and raise awareness of girls and all the amazing things they do! The book was written by Linsey with co-author Michael Tyler. The whimsical illustrations are by best-selling artist Lucy Fleming. 

The book is designed for children ages 4-8. The message of the book encourages girls to be strong, brave, and curious about the world and their place in it. She says, “As a little girl, I remember being so impressed, glued to the TV screen watching Debi Thomas ice-skate on the world stage at the Olympics. She was victorious in a sport in which it was so uncommon for women of color to even participate. I didn’t desire to be an ice skater, but it certainly opened my eyes to what was possible, to the idea that a young, black girl like I was at that time, could and should shoot for the stars in whatever field or arena my heart desired.” Linsey hopes her book inspires girls to step up and show the world what they can do as they pursue their dreams in life. She says Oprah Winfrey may have said it best: “You don’t become what you want; you become what you believe.”

Another person, in addition to her parents, who really encouraged her growing up was her babysitter, Elizabeth Hester. She reinforced to Linsey what she was capable of and gave her a foundation of faith. Lindsey says, “Elizabeth instilled the belief in her that anything was possible and she was either silly or smart enough to believe her.”


Growing up, Linsey attended Sunday School and church. She came to know the Lord at a young age. Her family’s heritage was rooted in faith. She recalls seeing all of her grandparents on their knees at night by their beds praying. “It deposited something in me in a deeper way than words could have ever said.” As a little girl, Linsey paid close attention to the minister’s sermons. He was compelling as he delivered the sermons, and she liked hearing the Word of God. Around the age of 12, she had a feeling of a “strong connection and pull toward God,’ and decided she wanted to be baptized. 

As an adult, faith and personal beliefs are not typically discussed in the world of news, but Linsey doesn’t shy away from discussing her belief in God and how it encompasses every part of her life. She explains that, “faith certainly influences who all of us are in our day-to-day interactions and living no matter what we do for a living.”

Linsey Davis is currently an anchor for ABC News Live Prime, which is ABC News Live’s first-ever streaming evening newscast, and weekend “World News Tonight” on Sundays. She is a correspondent filing reports for “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America,” “20/20” and “Nightline.” Between February and April compared to the past six months, her show’s viewership grew +226% and increased +64% in hours streamed viewers. 

Throughout the 2020 presidential election cycle, she was at the forefront of ABC News’ coverage, beginning with all eight nights of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to co-anchoring major political events such as two presidential debates, the vice-presidential debate, presidential election coverage and Inauguration Day. She has conducted powerful exclusive interviews with Shelley Lynn Thornton also known as Baby Roe, the daughter of Jane Roe; Kevin Strickland, a wrongfully convicted Missouri man who was released from prison after 43 years; Myon Burrell, a Minneapolis inmate who said he was wrongfully convicted for murder; and Nick Cannon to discuss his journey towards atonement, education and self-improvement after making anti-Semitic comments and espousing conspiracy theories.

Additionally, Linsey has interviewed major influential figures, politicians and health officials including Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Anita Hill, Bill Gates, Dionne Warwick, Huma Abedin, Dave Grohl, Billy Porter, and nearly two dozen senators from both sides of the aisle and dozens of House representatives.

She has covered news stories around the globe, including the Harvey Weinstein allegations and subsequent MeToo Movement and Boston Marathon bombing. Her coverage ranges from presidential election to social injustice and various natural disasters. 

Before joining the network in June 2007, Davis was anchor of the weekend evening newscasts at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis. She started out as a reporter in 2003 and, during her time there, reported from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, from Torino for the 2006 Winter Olympics and from Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympics. From 2001-2003, she was a reporter at WJRT-TV, the ABC owned station in Flint, Michigan. Davis has received several honors for her reporting, including two Emmy® Awards and a regional Edward R. Murrow Award.

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