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She Found God and then Hollywood Called

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Katherine Warnock was raised Catholic. She realized she had a talent for running which would follow her to Central Michigan University where she was part of the nationally ranked Division I women’s track and field team. When one of her teammates invited her to a Spirit-filled church, Katherine, then 20 years old, admits that she was both appalled and enthralled by what she witnessed. “I was hooked. At the time I didn’t know what I was experiencing but I later learned it was the Holy Spirit,” she shares. From that point on, she was all in with the Lord.

Previously, she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks but after encountering the Holy Spirit’s presence, her panic attacks immediately stopped. From that point on, she was on a journey to learn everything she could about Jesus. 

After graduating in 2004, Katherine began teaching English, history, and public speaking at a high school. Still desperately searching for more encounters with God, she attended the revival at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. During one of the services, Katherine saw a 10-foot angel.

That’s when she felt a call from God to the nations. Without knowing exactly what to do with that information, she learned to pray and trust the Lord. 

While on a missions trip in Africa, she was given a prophetic word that she was called to Hollywood. 

For the next 14 years, Katherine found herself in a variety of different professional roles in content, creative, marketing, and branding-based leadership spanning film, television, digital, editorial, fashion, and social enterprise. 

When Katherine was head of faith and family content at MGM, she was used to watching pilots and pitches but usually only watched the first few seconds. One day Katherine recalls watching a pilot called, “The Shepherd,” created by Dallas Jenkins. After watching for only 10 minutes, she was moved to tears. She immediately emailed her people to try and acquire the show, but with no luck.

Years, later Jenkins wrote “The Chosen,” and when Katherine watched it, she noticed similarities to “The Shepherd,” eventually connecting the two. When she heard about a job opening with “The Chosen,” she applied and is now VP of Original Content. She credits God for leading her to where she is today. 


“Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” combines the episodes of “The Messenger” and “The Shepherd” and is slated for release in select theaters on December 12th. In addition, they’ve also worked in six popular musical performances featuring Zach Williams, Matt Maher, Brandon Lake, The Bonner Family, Joy to the World, and a first-time-ever performance by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo. Tickets can be purchased at


The Chosen is a historical drama based on the life of Jesus (played by actor Jonathan Roumie), seen through the eyes of those who knew Him. The show shares an authentic and intimate look at the Lord’s revolutionary life and teaching.

Season 4 of “The Chosen” premieres in February 2024 showcasing the implications of Jesus’ radical message which continues to sink in for His followers as they struggle to understand their role. Facing tremendous challenges, Jesus and His followers experience strained loyalties, while their faith is tested and tensions boil. 

For more information about The Chosen, please visit: TheChosen and to purchase tickets for Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night, please visit: FathomEvents.


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