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God’s Love Brings Transformation

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24-year-old Niwati was devastated when she saw that her son, Biyond, had been born with a cleft lip. “I wondered, 'Why was my son born like this? Did I do something wrong?’” she said, crying softly. “At first, it was hard for me to accept it. I felt guilty and I blamed God for my son’s lip.”

Niwati also worried about what he would experience as he grew up. “The thing that would really break my heart was the day he would say, ‘Mom, why is my lip like this?’ I just couldn’t imagine that,” she said crying heavily.  

Every day, Niwati’s husband, Anjas, went out to sell kitchen utensils on his motor scooter. He knew he could never earn enough to pay for his son’s surgery. 

Then a relative told the couple about Operation Blessing in Indonesia. “Before we met Operation Blessing, it seemed impossible to get help for our son. When we heard that Operation Blessing would help, my hope started to grow!” recalled Niwati.

Operation Blessing then paid for Biyond to receive free surgery to repair his cleft lip. The operation was successful.

“Thank you so much to Operation Blessing for helping to provide free surgery for our son. Also thank you to all the donors for their kind hearts,” Niwati said with a smile. “God bless you!"


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Ken Hulme

CBN International Managing Director for The 700 Club | Ken's been telling stories as a producer and writer for nearly 40 years. Currently, he manages and mentors media teams based in countries worldwide that provide stories about the work of CBN, Operation Blessing, and Orphan’s Promise for The 700 Club and other media platforms. He is married with four adult children and nine grandchildren.