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A Passionate Heart Inspires a Lifetime of Giving

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CBN partner Lucy Santana says her favorite time of the day is when she watches The 700 Club. 

"I love everything about the show. When I see the testimonies that come on and what God does for people, it's, it's just incredible. Only God could do something like that."

A former New Yorker, Lucy worked in accounting for a wall street investment bank before buying a retail button store in Brooklyn. "I was 'the' button store for New York. You name the size, the colors, the width. I had it."

When her husband passed, she sold the business and moved out of the city. Always a go-getter, she kept working. Post-pandemic, she took a new job offer in accounting just five minutes from her house that was too good to pass up. Even with new work hours, Lucy loves that she can continue to watch The 700 Club anytime on demand.

"At night, I could watch it on, on, on, on YouTube, or if I don't wanna put the TV on, I will go to I will watch it on my phone, so it's, it's awesome that it, that they make it available in the different ways."

Lucy says helping the poor is one of the reasons she becomes a [CBN] partner.

"All the child surgeries that they do, all the surgeries that they do for these children. I don't think it would happen without CBN, without people giving and contributing to all these things. The water that they [CBN] does for the community. And for that, it's not just one person, that's a community that gets it. It improves their life; it improves their health. It improves everything. And then they are so grateful. You see how grateful they are. And here we provided it because of our giving because the Lord moves our hearts to do that. These are all the reasons why I give to CBN."

Among the countless shows she's watched through the years -- one telethon stands out in particular.

"Pat Robertson was asking people to join. It moved my heart when I saw his passion, I mean, it was visible, his passion for people to give to the poor and how he likes to help. And I said, 'Wow, I am part of that. But Lord, have I brought anybody to heaven? Have you used me to have anybody come to heaven?' I said, 'Lord, I consider myself an authentic Christian. I go to church and read my word. I tithe, I give to The 700 Club.' And I was really concerned about souls being won and if the Lord used me to get souls to heaven?"

She thought about that question for a week. During her regular routine of writing out her church tithe check, Lucy got her answer.

"And all of a sudden, I heard very clearly, The Lord let me know you are saving souls. 'I'm using you to save souls through your giving.' And I knew what He was talking about. I knew that it was my giving my tithe, my giving to CBN [and] to The 700 Club. I was so blessed to hear that."

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Cheryl Wilcox, Coordinating Producer, The 700 Club. I hail from a Jesus loving SoCal surf family 🏄🏻‍♀️. I’m the mother of two brilliant, business owning daughters. My heroes are the Great Emancipators and Corrie Ten Boom 🇳🇱. I scull 🚣🏻‍♀️ for life balance, (it’s a little easier than surfing) and I’m passionate about organic food 🥗 and gardening. Since 1989, I’ve produced feature stories 🎬 for CBN. In my free time I enjoy reading about the lives of Saints – like Julian of Norwich🇬🇧. I’m baptized Anglican. Christ is King! 💫