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Bringing Water to Ancient African Tribe

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When Paul Wilbur was attending a conference several years ago focusing on the Kingdom of God and the importance of Jewish and Gentile believers working together, a pastor overseeing 22 churches in Zimbabwe approached Paul with concern. While he wanted to work with Jewish people, he didn’t know of any in Zimbabwe. Paul knew how to help. He called his good friend, Jonathan Bernis, who was working with the Lemba Tribe in Zimbabwe--an African Jewish tribe reaching back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Today, they are coming to faith in Israel’s Messiah in unprecedented numbers. Some 200 congregations have been established in the last ten years, and now their children have schools to attend that support and encourage this new faith.

When Paul handed the phone over to the African pastor and he learned of this tribe, the pastor knew he had to find them. When he returned home, he and some of his team drove six hours and discovered the Lemba people living in a very desolate area. Paul explains, “The pastor called me crying saying, ‘Paul, I’ve met the poorest of the poor. By African standards these people are poor.’”

Paul immediately responded, “Okay, what do we do?” The pastor explained that their immediate need was water. From that point forward, Paul knew he had to find a way to help. Drilling water wells was the answer but drilling in such a dry, desolate, and remote area is no easy task. Each well costs $20,000 to drill but it changes the lives of thousands of people. 

With ten wells already dug, Wilbur Ministries is currently working on six more. The goal is 80 water wells. Having access to clean drinking water means the difference between life and death for the Lemba tribe. Currently, the life expectancy for most in the area is 40 years of age. As more wells are being installed, that number is quickly increasing. 

People can help by going to and donating any amount to drill more water wells. 


Paul Wilbur and his band will be leading the Rosh Hashanah celebration at Shaw Chapel on the Regent University campus on September 15th which will be streamed live on the CBN Family App starting at 7:00 p.m. ET. Viewers can also go to and it will direct them to the streaming event. 


When Paul Wilbur started singing, he was considered one of the most successful worship leaders in the country. But God began to challenge him. Paul explains, “The Lord began to speak to me ever so clearly. He asked, ‘Isn’t the life you have good?’ I replied, ‘Yes, yes, it is.’ ‘Are you comfortable and happy with how things are going?’ He continued. Again, I replied, 'Yes, yes I am.’ He then responded, ‘If you would have asked me, I would have given you the nations.’ I pondered for a moment and said, ‘Lord, I would like the nations!’ And that was my great moment of visitation to bring the message of Messiah to the nations!’”

After that, God began to open doors which also stretched Paul to become an author and speaker. He has been leading worship and ministering for over four decades in over seventy-five nations. Millions have purchased his albums and felt the presence of Yeshua over the years. He received a Dove Award for best live praise and worship album of the year. He also has over 708,000 followers on Facebook and has been on hundreds of television, radio, and print interviews. 

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