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A Safe Place to Heal

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When Nathaniel and his family attended a wedding near their village, no one expected it to end in bloodshed.

Nathaniel explained, “Around 7pm, my family went home, but I wanted to stay with my friends until the end of the celebrations. About twenty minutes after my parents left, I heard loud gun shots. A young boy was shot through the throat and died instantly. Everyone ran. I didn’t even notice a bullet grazed the side of my head. I just ran home as fast as I could.”   

Fulani terrorists killed or maimed more than 50 people that day. After the attack, Nathaniel and dozens of others were taken to the hospital. 

“I was crying. Everyone was crying,” said Nathaniel. “When I got back to the village, it was hard to get past the trauma. At night, I couldn’t sleep. I worried it would happen again.‘How would I survive? Where would I run to the next time?’” 

During this dark and difficult time in Nathaniel’s life, he found hope.

Nathaniel said, “Someone came to our village and told us there was a place where children that were troubled by attacks could seek refuge and get counseling and a good education. I needed all of that.”

Nathaniel’s parents let him stay with “Christian Faith Ministries,” which is supported in part by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Here, children who have experienced terrible trauma attend school in safety, learn about God, and work through their pain.

“When I arrived, I had a lot of mental images of what happened in my village. My house parents, teachers, and everyone helped me get past that,” said Nathaniel. “I didn’t think I would ever laugh again, but here my friends and I laugh all the time. I have healed a lot here, and I am excited about what God is doing in my life.”

Orphan’s Promise sponsored dozens of new classrooms and offices here, making room for more children who need a safe place to go to school. 

Nathaniel said, “I feel safe and accepted here, like I have a big family. They make sure we get enough sleep and have plenty of good food. I am focused on my studies, and I am learning to become a better person. When I went home for the holidays, my parents were surprised by my transformation, and happy to see me thriving. Thank you for helping me and the many other children here. I pray God will open more doors for you, so you can continue this great work. Thank you!” 

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About The Author

Dan Reany

Daniel Reany works with domestic and international producers to share stories of God’s love changing people’s lives. His main focus is on CBN’s humanitarian work. He holds an MA in anthropology, and volunteers with the Order of St. John. In their spare time, he and his wife enjoy travel, medieval reenactments, and hosting events.