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Know What the Future Holds and What the Past Is Hiding

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  1. What is the mystery of The Oracle and what does it contain? The revelation of God in the form of a man on a mountaintop sharing the mysteries of the seven doors.
  2. What is the Jubilean Code? (pg. 24) In the year of Jubilee (every 50 years), everything that was lost is restored. It’s a time of restoration, or return. You can find scriptures on the Year of Jubilee in . The ram’s horn, the shofar, and the trumpet were signs of the Jubilee.
  3. Who is the Jubilean man? Rabbi Shlomo Goren(pg. 174) who had prophetically spoken of Jerusalem’s liberation. On June 7, 1967, the first day of the Six-Day War, along with the soldiers, he sounded the shofar as they walked through the Lion’s Gate into the city. Rabbi’s Goren’s shofar was destroyed so he borrowed his father-in-law’s who was a priest. Cahn explains, “So the shofar that was sounded in Jerusalem at the moment of Israel’s return to her Holy City was the priestly shofar. So, as it was in ancient times, so it was on June 7, 1967, that the shofar of the priests sounded in Jerusalem to usher in the sacred times of God.”
  4. What is the ancient mystery behind Donald Trump? The Trumpet Man (p 209). Rabbi Goren sounded the shofar signifying Jerusalem’s liberation. 50 years later, President Trump (name meaning the sound of a trumpet) was inaugurated into office. Cahn shares, “In the year of Jubilee, America’s leader was named Trump. For the Trump must lead in the year of Jubilee… The ordinance ordains ‘You shall cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound…’ So, America had caused the Trump to sound in the year of Jubilee.” More specifically, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution “…recognizing the fiftieth year and the return of the original owner to his ancestral possession and as in the Jubilee, that official sanction be given to that return. But according to the law of Jubilees, for that to happen, the trumpet must sound on the exact date that marked the jubilee, fifty years to the day the Six-Day war began, the Senate called for the president to recognize Jerusalem.”
  5. Who is the Stranger? Mark Twain (pg. 32), the father of American literature, was to bear witness through the words in his book entitled, “The Innocents Abroad,” which was released in 1869. In the book, Twain shares his thoughts on visiting Jerusalem. Cahn explains, “Yes, according to the prophecy in Deuteronomy, he was to bear witness of ‘the plaques of that land’ and all its ‘sicknesses.’ So, listen to the words Twain would write in his notebook concerning ‘the plaques of that land’: ‘Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt… Lepers, cripples, the blind… To see the numbers of maimed, malformed and diseased humanity that throng the holy places…’ So, he (Twain) accomplished what he was appointed to do.” Mark Twain had no idea that he would play a part in fulfilling ancient prophecy.
  6. What is the Seventy-Year Mystery? (pg. 214) “Daniel was given revelation into the mystery of the seventy years. He lived at the time of the seventy-year exile and was given a mystery of seventy sevens of years… a countdown to the coming of the Messiah,” explains Cahn. “At the end of the seventy years in Babylon, Cyrus came to power, the proclamation went forth to restore Jerusalem and the land to the Jewish people, and the exiles began to return.” Going deeper, the pattern of seventy years takes on particular significance dealing with Israel’s separation from its Holy City Jerusalem. When the UN passed the resolution Partition Plan in 1947, dividing up the land, it separated Israel from its Holy City. Cahn shares, “A man in the pattern of Cyrus (President Trump) came to world power and a proclamation went forth concerning Jerusalem and its restoration to the Jewish People.” The time passed from 1947 to 2017 is seventy years.
  7. What is the Secret of the End Times & the Dark Jubilee? (pg. 250) Witnessing the departure of Western civilization from its biblical foundation.
  8. What is the Coming Jubilee? The final Jubilean mystery is the return of the Messiah and our restoration and return to Paradise.
  9. What does the mystery have to do with everyone watching? (pg. 272) “At the center of the mystery is redemption… It’s for the exiled, the separated, the broken, the fallen and the one who is lost… It’s the love of God reaching out to those in exile… It’s redemption. It’s the missing piece,” explains Cahn.

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