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Proven Strategies for Winning Prodigals Back

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Laine Lawson Craft is a mom and wife who learned how to partner with God during the darkest times of her life. With a seventeen-year-old marriage that almost dissolved, she and her husband Steve turned to God for help. Not only did the Lord resurrect their marriage, but He brought about a financial breakthrough after they almost filed for bankruptcy, and He showed them how to fight for their three prodigal children. But their battle wasn’t won overnight. Both Steve and Laine learned how to wage war against the enemy and win. 


All three of their children, Steven, Lawson, and Kaylee are close in age. They were raised in a loving Christian home but became rebellious during their teenage years. Laine and Steve tried their best to take control of the situation but when things only got worse, they were desperate. Laine explains, “In 2006, I realized that what I was doing as a parent was not working. It seemed that my emotional pleas, rules, and religion weren’t helping me bring my prodigals back home. So, I made it my mission to partner with God at a whole new level and created a new way of parenting - one that would bring peace to my life, help millions of other parents, and bring their prodigals back home too.” 

Their oldest son Steven was shown pornography at a friend’s home when he was only 12 years old. In high school, he started drinking, doing drugs, partying, and having sex. Steven’s struggles lasted from age 12 to 28. One night while on cocaine, he called an Uber driver for a ride home. The driver was a minister who felt led to pray for Steven. The power of God was so strong in the car that Steven fell on his face and couldn’t stop crying. This was the beginning of his deliverance.

His younger brother Lawson was shy and learned that alcohol loosened him up and helped him socialize. Partying soon led to an addiction to alcohol and drugs that lasted from age 14 to 24. One evening, he was so high on drugs that he was out of his mind. His father watched over him all night. When Lawson woke up and saw his father sitting on the couch, he realized that that was the enemy out to steal, kill and destroy him. Lawson was forever changed from that point forward.

Their sister Kaylee was struggling with her self-worth and began drinking and partying to fit in. Severe depression overcame her at age 17 and lasted a year. The enemy almost convinced her that death would be easier than living. When she cried out and confided in her friend, they prayed, and the presence of God came over them. Kaylee was profoundly set free. 

In her book, "The Parent’s Battle Plan," Laine offers hope and insight, as well as practical advice for parents walking through these heartbreaking seasons of life. She shares how to handle the emotional roller coaster of trust; dealing with your children’s self-destructive choices; praying God's promises over their lives; and fighting for your child’s destiny. After 15 agonizing years of prayer, all three of their adult children are now serving God and their family is closer than ever. Laine encourages parents who are still fighting for their prodigals, “Remember that in the heat of the battle, when it looks as if all is lost, one touch from God can change everything.”


Realizing you are in a battle for your children is the first step. In the scriptures, the Apostle Paul says, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12, NIV). As parents, understanding the prayer weapons, power, and authority available to you is vital. 

In her book, Laine shares:
•    You are not at war with your child: It’s important to remember the war is not between you and your child. Instead, you are in this war together as a family against the enemy of the world.
•    If you are not praying for your child, who is? When you become better prayer warriors, you will see the power and victory that prayer brings.
•    How to Partner Parent with God: You can safely hand over control of your children to God. Realizing that our children are God's creation and they belong to Him, we can release them into God’s care. By giving God full ownership of our prodigals and continuing as partner parents we are putting our assured victory directly in God’s hands.

Get Laine Lawson Craft's book, "The Parent's Battle Plan," and visit her website, Laine Lawson Craft, to learn more about her ministry.


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