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Empowering Women to Be Everything God Calls Them to Be

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Dr. Jackie Greene was only four years old when her father left her family to go back to his home country of Ghana to help his people and be a better provider for his family. Both her mother and father are pharmacists. When her mom worked nights, Jackie was with her dad. They became very close which made it even harder when he left. She could not understand why he left without taking them and questioned if the people of Ghana were more important than his family. These daddy wounds caused pain and rejection to take root. As Jackie grew, she struggled to find her identity in Christ. Jackie decided if she was not good enough for her dad to stay, then she would work hard to prove her worth to others. Jackie became an overachiever who always wore extensions, dressed nicely, got good grades, and did her best to please those around her. 


When the Lord began to speak to Jackie’s heart, letting her know that He created her to be unique (quirks and all), she felt Him give her permission to stop comparing herself and trying to please others. Jackie explains, “I’m going to be honest with you, living a life without permission is exhausting. It’s the woman who says yes when she should say no because she's people-pleasing. It’s the woman who doesn’t exercise healthy boundaries. It’s the woman who performs to impress others.” 

In her book Permission to Live Free, Jackie's on a mission to empower women everywhere, letting them know that God has given them all the permission they need to live an abundant life. She challenges readers to not only recognize what God says about them but to also cultivate the gifts He has given them. She explains, “When you fail to fully use what God has given you—your gifts, talents, passions, wiring—for the sake of others, you’re being less than who God made you be.”

Jackie says you can start living with permission using four key pillars to build a strong foundation. The four pillars are prayer, reading scripture, practicing obedience, and having faith. Asking the Lord to show you who He created you to be, is the first step. By reading His Word you learn who Jesus is and find a blueprint for living. Obeying God only benefits you, and having faith in God -- believing He wants the best for you -- is vital. 

In her book, Jackie also introduces readers to the profiles of five types of women not yet living with permission. They are:

•    Comfortable Courtney is afraid to step out of her comfort zone.
•    Fearful Frieda allows fear to stifle and control her life.
•    Traumatized Tammy allows past hurts to keep her from moving forward.
•    Pleasing Pam seeks validation from the praise of others, rather than receiving affirmation from God.
•    Unsupported Unique who surrounds herself with others who don’t support the person that God has created her to be.

Purchase Dr. Jackie Greene's book, click here: Permission to Live Free. For more information regarding Dr. Jackie Greene's ministry and the church she serves as co-pastor with her husband, award-winning recording artist, Travis Greene, see: Forward City Church.



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