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Embryo Rescued in Katrina Flood Born

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Two years ago Glen and Rebekah Markham received a miracle -- their son Witt.

Witt was one of six embryos the couple stored at a fertility clinic in New Orleans.

And on January 16 the Markhams delivered another little miracle.

But it almost didn't happen. When hurricane Katrina hit, the embryos that held the couple's chance of having another baby were at a hospital in eastern New Orleans -- surrounded by nearly eight feet of water.

There were 1,400 frozen embryos inside, and five of them belonged to the Markhams. Doctors were forced to leave them behind on the third floor in containers that can keep their contents frozen for weeks.

But the canisters are designed for use in an air conditioned room, not a sweltering hospital without electricity.

"People are calling after the Katrina and they call and say have you saved the embryos," said Roman Pyrzak, lab director of The Fertility Institute.

Two weeks after the storm, doctors and police officers staged a daring rescue to save the embryos. Using flat-bottomed boats, it took them hours to get to the medical facility. When they arrived, there was at least a foot of water inside.

"I had prepared myself for the worst," said Rebekah. "But I was so hoping for the best because I could see my little boy and I saw what the potential of those five embryos what they were, so I didn't want Katrina to take that away from me."

They got there just in time. The embryos were still frozen.

"There are so many bad stories that you hear from Katrina and even now it affects in a negative way so to have something so miraculous and you know beautiful it's a good Katrina story," said Rebekah.

A good story not only for the Markhams, but for seven other families that are expecting this year too -- all thanks to that dramatic rescue in the aftermath of the storm.

Before Rebekah, delivered him by cesarean section she had already made up her mind to name him Noah. She believes that God had saved her son as He did Noah.