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VeggieTales Gives Christmas Away

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Junior Asparagus of the VeggieTales gang says what’s on the minds of most kids at Christmas – gifts and lots of them. Kids make their lists, and check them twice. Then panicked parents race to retrieve the treasures in just the right color, shape or size and pray for simple assembly.
But what if Christmas could be different in your home this year? That’s the powerful question being asked in VeggieTales’ new holiday DVD, Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving.

In an effort to put the lesson of giving into action, VeggieTales is partnering with Operation Christmas Child. Kids watch the movie in church and then fill shoe boxes that go across the world to children in need.

Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of Big Idea, tells The 700 Club, “The mission they have [is] reaching out to kids in developing countries around Christmas time. Sharing the gospel with them was such at the heart of what our story was about. It made so much sense just to link up.”

Matthew West and Amy grant contributed to the project with the original song “Give This Christmas Away”.

Matthew says, “True fulfillment is not found in the things of this world, but when we look beyond our own needs and say, ‘How can I meet the needs of somebody else?’ That’s where you find fulfillment like no other.”

Mike adds, “Ultimately true giving with joy comes out of a place of Thanksgiving. I think we tie those together. This idea that, if I’m truly thankful for what I have, for what God has given me, then I can give that to others in joy.”