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Dr. Tiffany Tajiri


Dr. Tiffany Tajiri is a licensed, board-certified clinical psychologist, veteran U.S. Air Force officer and Special Operations-trained psychologist that has taken part in the selection and assessment of Special Forces personnel. She created Rhythm Restoration – an innovative, faith-based method that uses visualization and bilateral stimulation to help those who have endured psychologically painful life experiences.

Additionally, Dr. Tajiri is the CEO and co-founder of Stand Up & Recover, a Christian nonprofit organization aimed at bringing healing and insight to those dealing with traumatic life experiences.

Dr. Tajiri is also the author of “Peace After Combat: Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War” – a book about recovery and restoration for military veterans and their families. She co-wrote and implemented Abundant Recovery Ministry, a Christ-centered recovery program.

Dr. Tajiri is currently chief of the largest behavioral health clinic serving Fort Bliss (El Paso, TX). She and her team work with Soldiers providing behavioral health treatments to improve coping and resilience. As an Air Force officer and Army psychologist, Dr. Tajiri was the Officer in Charge of several clinics. Her work addressed issues that include: general behavior health, family advocacy, suicide prevention, and behavioral health optimization. Dr. Tajiri has also instructed and mentored early-career military psychologists and social workers.