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Bobbie King Iliff

Contributing Writer

Bobbie is the founder of LiveLifeQuenched Ministries. Bobbie writes and teaches transparently about her life struggles to fill her emptiness deep within. She discovered that we truly can live life quenched if we drink from the right well.  In her life, Bobbie worked hard at being a wife, mother, friend, career woman, church worker−but still, down deep, nothing satisfied her deepest longing. She was so thirsty for more. Finally, divorced, faced with an empty nest and no job, she found what she had been looking for all along. Bobbie is passionate to help women learn to LiveLifeQuenched no matter what their life situation.

Bobbie has a degree in Marketing Management, enjoys playing with her Grandchildren, speaking at women’s conferences, reading, gardening and traveling adventures with her husband. She is currently living her life-long dream of writing inspirational fiction, devotionals, articles and short stories that inspire faith and hope. Bobbie and her husband love their LORD, and their family. They enjoy sharing tips from their latest traveling adventures on their blog, Travel Thirsty Toes. She and her husband are members of First Baptist Church of Atlanta where they volunteer as Lay Counselors and Bobbie is a facilitator for Divorce Care.