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Your Messages

Our young daughter once sent Dr. Robertson a handmade birthday card for his 70th birthday. Amazingly, he sent back a gracious and thoughtful personal thank you letter. 😊 What a blessing that with his amazingly busy schedule, he took the time to respond to one of “the least of these.” Also, when speaking in CBN’s CSB chapel maybe 10 years ago, Dr. Robertson had a word of knowledge for the staff regarding someone named John or Jonathan that his parents were very concerned about him, but that it was going to turn out alright. I latched onto that word for our son John who was in a prodigal season at that time and sure enough, not long later he came back to the Lord! I’m personally grateful to Dr. Robertson for creating CBN which has been a wonderful place for me to apply my professional abilities for 30+ years for the sake of the gospel.

Peter N.

No greater honor than to be on The 700 Club and to be interviewed by Pat. His presence was inspiring! He was an inspiration for Jesus to the world.

Lisa T.

What an example of Faith, a gift to the entire world. Thank you, Pat for always trusting God and never wavering you are my hero!

Shirley F.

I've been watching The 700 Club since I was a kid.. and I've been blessed by this man's life and words so much! God bless his family.


Love and Shalom. Because of you, Pat, The 700 Club and the grace of our Father God, my father became a believer in Christ Yahoshua!! You fought the good fight all the way to heaven! Amen.

Gregory C.

Thank you, Pat for your life's work for humanity. We are all blessed by your ministry.

Iris B.

The 700 Club is in good hands Pat you did a great job may your soul rest in peace.

Shion A.

I have been watching Pat Robertson since I was in high school and now I’m ready for retirement. I will dearly miss his wisdom and pray for his sweet family.


May Pat’s legacy be that his mission will continue through CBN. His memory, his work, will live on with the saving of souls, helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, and following the Gospel of Jesus.

Daniel H.

Pat helped me through a really tough and painful time in my life. If it wasn't for Pat, I would never know what a true connection with God feels like. Pat was a truly blessed man.

M. Kracker

Pat led my Dad to Christ!! I have the assurance he is in heaven with Pat.

Debbie S.

I prayed with Pat and so did our son at age 4! Very thankful for his faithfulness.

Nina N.

Pat influenced my life over many years, ever since I was in my 20's in the 1970's. We will miss him MUCH but are SO grateful for all he has given us and left behind!

Denise A.

My condolences to the family, he is a Pioneer. I’ve being watching Pat since the 90’s. My love to the family and keeping the family in prayer, in Jesus name.

Claudia Y.

Pat was legendary - a true innovator! Bringing Politics and Faith together, thank you Pat!

Michael B.

Loved Pat! My momma raised us watching The 700 Club. She passed last month too, now they’ll all be dancing and rejoicing in the new heavenly homes with our Lord!

Donna R.

Pat was an exemplary example of a man of God. He did so much for his fellow man, no one has done more, I loved him.

Doris B.

Thank God for Pat's life and ministry. We were inspired to share the Gospel with more than 28,000 Cambodians over 20 years. Glory be to God!

Woody & Lynn T.

Really enjoyed the Memorial Service for Pat! It was beautiful! I laughed, cried & prayed for his family, loved ones & friends! Because of the 700 Club that I started watching in the late 70's, I rededicated my life to Jesus & learned so much from him over these 40+ years! I have been a Partner of CBN since that day. He holds a special place in my heart, will meet him some day in Heaven! I am 80 & close to Eternity!

Carol S.

He was a good and faithful servant of God … May his soul rest in peace and may his legacy inspire us all to do more for our Lord.

Amy B.

I Pray for God to comfort his Family and all who Loved him, and I Pray for God to Bless his sweet Soul for Eternity!

Mary G.

In 1984 Pat Robinson led me to Christ Jesus through The 700 club in my living room. I'll never forget him or that day. It was the very best day of my life. Rest in the arms of Jesus Sir, you've done well. Prayers sent out to his loved ones. Blessings.

Pamela W.

The 700 Club has been an incredibly powerful influence in my life for decades. Pat Robertson’s commentary and prayers gave me strength during the most difficult days and bolstered my faith. Beyond grateful for Pat, a father of the faith and one of the most influential people in my life, although I have never personally met him. The Body of Christ owes him a debt of gratitude.

Marcy H.

I came to Christ after watching The 700 Club about 40 years ago. I was flipping through the channels and came upon CBN with Pat Robertson. He was sharing the Gospel. I stopped and listened, and in an instant I knew that I was a sinner and that my only hope for Eternal Life was Jesus Christ. Through God’s mercy and grace, I came to faith in Christ in that moment, and I prayed with Pat and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. So thank you Pat Robertson, for faithfully sharing the Gospel! I am a life that was changed.

Kathleen H.

Dr. Pat Robinson, a great godly man, my sincere condolences. He introduced me to the Lord in 1979. Will be a greatly missed

Bella H.

Had the privilege of meeting Pat Robertson and listening to him and Ben Kinchlow at my church!! Loved him ever since!!

Judy S.

Pat Robertson and The 700 Club definitely changed my life when I started watching over 40 years ago & became a member! Always gave me encouragement and a good scripture for the day plus the prayer time always blessed me! Praying for all those who are continuing to work for CBN as they spread the gospel and bless people around the world!

Penny M.

Thank you Lord for Pat’s life. In the 70s I watched 700 club and saw lives changed and healed. I experienced a miraculous healing of my legs caused by a skiing accident. Shout it From the Roof Top changed my thinking and gave me the desire to live for God completely. Ben Kinchlow had a word of knowledge about someone starting a business that would be known for its excellence and enthusiasm. I was in that business for 27 years before it was sold, and I led so many of my clients and friends to the Lord and in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am deeply grateful for all Pat taught me by his example. ❤️

Marilyn C.

Pat was personally responsible for leading me to salvation on July 9th, 2021 when he announced on The 700 Club (and called me by name) that I had been living in fear since I was a small child and that God was going to touch my life. His proclamation has deeply transformed not just my life, but that of millions of others all around the world, and will continue to do so through his divine purpose, exemplified through his faithful service to God and Humanity. We are all Blessed by his dutiful destiny. God Bless him and his family


I just wanted to pray for the Robertson family. CBN has been an instrumental part of my spiritual growth for a little over 20 years. I have enjoyed Pat and Gordon a lot through the years, more especially Pat's insights. Pat has done a lot of great things during his lifetime that has affected us all and I'm continually blessed by that. We know that he's in the Lord's hands and so I just wanted to lift up the Robertson family during their time of grief and I pray that their joy may be full as they will see him and the Lord someday. Many blessings to them all! Thank you!!


The Union Mission Ministries, Norfolk is grateful for the longtime faithfulness and friendship of Pat and Dede Robertson. Pat was a generous supporter of our homeless shelters and an ally in helping those in need across our community. We are blessed to have been the beneficiaries of both his partnership and his prayers. We join you in celebrating his gospel legacy for good through The Christian Broadcasting Network, Regent University, and Operation Blessing.

Union Mission Ministries, Norfolk

Oh, Pat has been such a blessing to God’s people. I love that he opened a Chrisitan Network that spreads love and hope to people around the world. I’m in Kenya, Africa and my life has been imparted by him. “Good and faithful servant, enter into rest.”

Jeniffer N.

Just saw the news about Pat, he has been such an influence in my life!!! I remember when I came to salvation 15 years ago, my very first tithe was to CBN because of God’s leading and Pat’s leadership! He will be so missed, but he now is with his Savior, God and Dede! Praying for his family and all at CBN. So grateful for his example and heart for the lost and the found. So grateful for his heart and support for Israel. “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” We know that is what he heard! Love and prayers to all from our family to yours! A race well run.

Meriam C.

Sorry to hear of the of the passing of Pat Robertson. Pat was key in my mom’s salvation. My mom grew up in religious tradition but didn’t God. Out of desperation, she prayers, “God if you’re real, show me the turth.” Shortly after, she was watching The 700 Club where she prayed a prayer with Pat to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. As a result, she led me to Jesus, and by God’s grace, I grew up in a Christian home and have been following Him ever since. Thank you, Pat for your faithfulness and following the call that God has placed on your life. Because of your obedience and your ministry, my family’s life has been changed forever and for that we are eternally grateful. RIP, Pat, we now for a fact that you are resting in the arms of Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:8).

Jason D.

I was 13 flipping through the channels of the small black and white tv in my room almost 50 years ago, when I stopped on The 700 Club, it was Pat Robertson that led me to the Lord. Feeling the joy of that moment when Jesus entered my heart. It was 6 years later when God put my spiritual leader in my life. Thank you, Pat, and from all the others you led to the Lord. Rest in the presence and Glory of our Lord and Savior. Praise be to God.

Chay B.

For as long as I can remember from my childhood now into my 40s, Pat Robertson was always an inspiration, thank you for faithfully sharing the Word with us over the years. May the good Lord be with your family and friends during this time.

Gwendolen B.

I grew up in remote Zambia, watching this great man every Sunday, his ministry shaped me. Go well solider of the cross!

Edwin N.

I’m grateful to God for Pat’s ministry... I came to the Lord because of his prayers and preaching. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving my life back on December 22. 1981, through a Word of Revelation and Knowledge, given to me by Pat Robertson, Ben Kenshlow, and Danuta. I was born again at 9:15 pm. Praise the Lord. My most appreciative condolences to the Robertson family and the family at The 700 Club. Pastor Al Aponte... Mucho Blessing and love.

Al A.

I gave my life to Jesus as a little girl in Lagos, Nigeria, watching the 700 Club on TV. Pat Robertson will always be a big part of my faith story. He has joined the great cloud of witnesses and has seen Jesus face to face … what glory, what joy! He made it!! I turn my prayers to his immediate biological family, the 700 Club family, and CBN family for comfort at this tough time. God that this legacy will endure through the grace of God!

Liz S.

I began my journey with Dr. Pat Robertson and CBN in 1982. We had just moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia and began going to church close to CBN. During the day, I always had my TV channel set on CBN and was so greatly blessed by teachers and preachers on CBN. My love for the Word of God started at that time. Thank you, Dr. Pat Robertson, for the work that you have done for the kingdom of God that be eternal.

Maria M.

When I gave my life to Christ 43 years ago, The 700 Club was a lifeline for me. I grew from watching the programs, especially as I had four kids and depended on the programs for teaching and information. I can’t really explain all the growth that happened in so many different ways in my life from The 700 Club and Pat Robertson. I was disciplined and my faith was challenged and strengthened and I was inspired to reach for excellece in the path God had for me. I’m forever grateful.

Melissa B.

My life and relationship with Christ is better because of Pat Robertson. What a wonderful legacy he left for the glory of God.

Pamela L.

Rest in Peace! Pat was such an inspiration to me throughout my life. I was 12 years old and diagnosed with leukemia, he was there for us!! My dad called for prayer, and you answered! Two and half weeks later, we experienced a miracle, the cancer was gone! The doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center were in disbelief! They said they didn’t believe in miracles, and there I was a miracle. They believed, and somehow, Pat and The 700 Club helped with that miracle. The prayers, the love, everything. The angels are rejoicing!! Hallelujah, praising the Lord our God for sending us people like Pat Robertson to influence our lives, and to bring us closer to Christ. Thank you, Jesus Amen.

Kathy D.

Go bless his family, by his prayer, my newborn baby was able to hear, and that was in 2006. Bless his soul!

Natacha F.

It was through his ministry I came to know the Lord in 1987. I am forever thankful for all he did for the Kingdom of God. He is now with God who he served for many years. Well done thy good and faithful servant.

Christine E.

Pat Robertson’s legacy lives on in every life he, his work, his life, and his family impacted. I and my son David are one of those lives. Including my dad, who passed on a few years ago...My dad was a proud, traditional Filipino who grew up Catholic. But as he watched CBN Asia shows … my dad began questioning his religious beliefs. This led him to reading the Bible and eventually accepting Jesus as his Saviour. And for this my deepest sincerest thanks.

Monette T.

Each ministry Pat started became a source of inspiration and ministry in my life. The 700 Club played a significant role in catapulting me into full time missions isnce 1982. Hearing the new of his passing I could only hear the heavenly echo of “Well done, thou good and faithful servant’ Enter into the joy of the Lord.” I am certain the massive crown he was given is now at the feet of his Master, Jesus.

Belinda K.

Pat was a visionary who made some of the most spectacular tributes to God manifest. As one of the founding professors of Undergraduate Studies at Regent University, I admired the beauty of the architecture, the incredible insights from the experts brought on campus, and the relentless drive for excellence. Pat was always kind to me the times I met him and was self-effacing of his accomplishments. I found encouragement in his writings and broadcasts, and praying with him was a true honor when he was in Chapel. Rest in peace, Marine, Oohrah!

Dr. Catherine D.

Pat and The 700 Club changed my life to a life of obedience to God in 1990. He taught me to tithe and send offerings as well. His ministry was always with signs and wonders following. I knew God was with him.

Katherine H.

Pat Robertson impacted my life for the Lord Jesus and God used him to bring the light of God's amazing Word, love and presence into my home through the 700 club, to minister to my unsaved family.
Pat’s encouraging words helped me many times. He is now enjoying the joys of heaven, and his rewards. Praying for his family and the CBN family!

Barbara C.

In 90s The Club 700 was broadcast to Ukraine. I was then a teenager. This program and a book of Mr. Robertson help me to grow in faith. Thank you! Blessings!


Pat was a God seeker believer and true man of God. I joined the The 700 Club many years ago. My late husband and I watched Pat, Terri, Gordon, and all the rest all the time. He will be missed.

Carolyn L.

A true humble wise servant of the Most High!! My daughter’s ears were healed when he prayed on TV and said God was touching a little girl’s ears!

Shirley P.

Thank God for the life and vision of Pat Robertson. He loved the Lord and loved people and wanted everyone to know and love the Lord too.

Barb M

Pat was the best employer I ever had and taught me so much. He became my standard to measure other leaders against his life choices. I was privileged to see the inner workings of this ministry which enjoyed an honorable reputation along with the unflinching integrity and reflective moral compass of this man. My entire family has been blessed in knowing him and later working in a worldwide ministry that helped populate heaven. We have lost a true servant and valiant warrior for God who has led and cleared the way for future generations.

Susan W.

An amazing life living for the Kingdom of God. An amazing example of simple faith that grew and grew to a network that reached the world. We will miss Pat, but we know that his legacy continues unto the next generations.

Kathy B.

I remember watching Mr. Pat Robertson on TV when I was younger. I would stop and listen. I would pray with him. I respected his way of praying. When bad things happened, he gave me another point of view that helped me not lose hope and keep on keeping on.

Mary Jo L.

The biblical wisdom he had was so helpful to me. I can only imagine what he saw when he closed his eyes here on Earth and open them up in Heaven with Jesus saying, “Well Done, good and faithful servant.” Rest in Peace, sir. My deepest condolences to the family and friends.

Gilbert G.

I was watching The 700 Club when I committed my life to Christ. Since the I have raised 4 kids and 14 grandkids to serve the Lord
What an amazing visionary...teacher...provider...servant and child of Almighty God......Matthew 25:23: His lord said to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” As we experience the blessing of a new year, I am constantly reminded of the faithfulness of God.

Sandy P.

Pat led me to the Lord. I will always remember that.

Maryanne D.

Thank you Pat Robertson for CBN and your 24 hour prayer line. Your prayer line helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not established CBN. RIP you mighty servant of God! God and His Angels are rejoicing for the amazing work you did for His Glory! You will be missed! Thank you Jesus for this man of God! You’re Home now…I Can Only Imagine!

Veronica L.

Pat was a wonderful and obedient servant of God, and I will always be thankful for The 700 Club program. His messages helped to lead me back to God after straying for a number of years. I’m sure Pat has heard “Well done good and faithful servant”

Marilyn K.

Pat will greatly be missed by people like me who drew a lot of inspiration from his impact-full life. His depth of knowledge of the word of God, spiritual and contemporary insights, sound mind and wisdom will be missed. I pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for all who are connected to him worldwide and especially CBN, 700 Club and his immediate family. A General in Christ Army has gone home.

George N.

I was a counselor at CBN in the late 70’s when he was in Portsmouth, VA. Pat was the most humble man and an amazing example of a valiant leader in the Army of God! “Well done, thy good and faithful servant!” Prayers for the Robertson family!

Gloria H.

I'm so grateful for this man who has spoken through the airwaves to my heart for so many years.

Janet M.

God bless you, Pat Robertson! We all are so very thankful, and so very grateful, for you! And very thankful, and very grateful, for all of your tremendous, wonderful, and very inspiring ministries that have touched, changed, and transformed, so many lives, all around the world! With god's love, and the saving, and transforming, message, of the Gospel, and we all have loved you Pat! We all appreciate you, and thank God for you!! We all are praying for all of your precious, and beautiful, family! We all, will miss you, so very much! God bless you Pat Robertson!

Joni F.

I knew Pat when I worked for CBN when attending high school and college. He was a huge influence on my life. He will be greatly missed, but he is now in the presence of our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus.

Pastor Joe L.

Rest in Heaven Dr. Robertson. What a legacy you bestowed upon us.

Regent University Grad Student

I prayed the sinner’s prayer with Pat while watching the show in January of 1979. I will be forever grateful to him for being used of the Lord to save my soul!!

Mary H.

We always loved our time with Dr Robertson and are saddened to hear of your CBN family’s loss and know that He is worshiping at the feet of Jesus. Thank you Lord for blessing our world with this wonderful man of faith.

Avalon Worship

This Great man has been a real friend to me and my family, and we have really loved working with him many years ago.

Pastor John H.

Pat so impacted my life. I gave my life to Christ many years ago when I found him and The 700 Club. Up until then I always believed in God but never knew I could have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. Pat’s life and ministry touched so many. He will be sorely missed.

Sandi F.

This beloved servant had the courage to step out by faith, along with those who were called to assist him with a vision from God, to build this university, while extending the love of Jesus Christ to so many around the world. He will be greatly missed, and forever respected, for upholding the name of Jesus Christ and the principals in the Bible.
The 700 club affected my life as a young teenager. This television program enhanced my salvation experience. God bless you Servant of God.

Uwa U.

Pat influenced me more than any other person for forty years. My condolences to his family.


Pat and his 700 Club were my church and kept me encouraged and fed while I sought God in a deeper way... I attribute the growth in my walk to the Holy Spirit, but CBN was a vital part of my encouragement and growth.

Christie K.

Pat will be greatly missed! His life and surrender to God is the reason I was saved and countless others. He was amazing and I learned so much about God through his teachings back in the 80’s.