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Widow Flees After Mob Beats Her and Brutally Murders Husband, Vows to Keep Serving Jesus

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A woman in India who saw her husband murdered right in front of her is living in fear as she speaks out about the ghastly situation she was forced to watch.

“I saw them kill my husband right before my eyes,” Jime Kawasi told Morning Star News. “I was assaulted, but somehow I managed to escape.”

She continued, “I still fear that my husband’s killers will find me and kill me.”


Jime’s comments come after her 22-year-old husband, Kosa Kawasi, was slaughtered May 4 in India’s Chhattisgarh state. The attack reportedly came after any family with a Christian family member was forbidden from taking part in “tribal festival offerings to local gods,” Morning Star News reported.

At some point after that announcement, 20 people in Kosa’s village — including some of his relatives — went to his home to demand he reject Jesus.

When he refused, the mob used sticks and then kicked, and punched Jime and Kosa. Among the crowd were Kosa’s own uncle and cousin, who were reportedly enraged over the fact they would be precluded from taking part in the Kapanar village’s Ammajugani festival due to having a Christian relative.

Santosh Mandavi, a local Christian leader, recounted these details to Morning Star News.

“His uncle and cousin stabbed Kosa with the knife thrice in his stomach,” Mandavi said.

Kosa’s wife and brother tried to get him out of the situation, but the mob followed them and reportedly tried to slit his throat before hitting him in the head with an ax. These horrific events purportedly came after months of Kosa’s family trying to convince him to reject Christianity and return to Hinduism.

After escaping, Jime was hospitalized and then found a home to hide in far away from the area where the killing unfolded. According to Mandavi, she was “extremely terrified” when he met with her and “narrated the entire incident and the brutality with which her husband was killed.”

Despite Jime’s fear and unimaginable loss, she told Morning Star News she wants to “continue to follow and serve Jesus.”

“I want to continue to follow and serve Jesus,” she told the outlet. “It was for this Jesus that my husband was willing to be faithful to the point of death; I, too, will follow in his footsteps.”

Jime asked fellow Christians for prayer, with her bravery shining through even amid tragedy.

Two arrests have reportedly been made in the murder.

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