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Trudeau Called 'Totalitarian', Threatening to Freeze Truckers' Bank Accounts and Destroy Their Jobs

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After weeks of demonstrations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking drastic action to put an end to the "Freedom Convoy" protests.

On Monday, Trudeau invoked emergency powers, allowing the government to seize cars and trucks, suspend their insurance, and even freeze truckers' personal and corporate bank accounts. 

Trudeau threatened truckers saying, "You don't want to end up losing your license, end up with a criminal record, which will impact your job, your livelihood, even your ability to travel internationally, including to the U.S."

Trudeau said the emergency powers would be limited in scope and that he's not calling in the military. But some are calling him a "totalitarian" and a "tyrant" because he's threatening to strike at truckers' livelihoods and their ability to work in the future.  

Darrell B. Harrison, the dean of social media at Pastor John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry tweeted, "Y'all are gonna get enough of electing these young, power-hungry, totalitarian turks."

Trudeau said, "The Emergencies Act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country." But the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said the government had not met the standard for invoking the Emergencies Act. Reuters reports the Act is only intended to deal with threats to "sovereignty, security and territorial integrity." 

Meanwhile, traffic is moving again across the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest land border crossing between the U.S. and Canada. 

Officials though are turning back non-Canadians trying to join the blockade that's brought weeks of protests over vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions to Ottawa. 

On Sunday two dozen people were arrested. Officials are also blocking donations for truckers and a Canadian judge froze more than $8 million in donations to one crowd-funding site. 

Heather Wilson, co-founder of the U.S.-based crowd-funding site GiveSendGo is fighting back. "This is probably going to be the fight of my life," Wilson told Faithwire News. "We're going to continue to fight for freedom. This is absolutely insane that governments think they can step in and trample on people's God-given rights." 

The company has broad support. So far, nearly $9 million have been raised through GiveSendGo for these truckers. 

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