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Sweden Welcomed Returning ISIS Fighters, Gave Them New Identities


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At the same time Sweden is deporting Christians to Muslim nations where they face prison, torture and death, it is giving new identities to ISIS fighters who have returned from Syria and Iraq.
An investigation by the Swedish newspaper Expressen found that 150 ISIS terrorists are being protected by the Swedish government so that locals don't find out that they were jihadists.
One reason given for the government action is that the former ISIS members are having trouble finding jobs.
Expressen interviewed one former ISIS fighter,  27-year-old Walad Ali Yousef, who was given a new identity because pictures and videos showing him posing with weapons and encouraging others to join ISIS are still on the internet. 
Yousef told the newspaper, "I am looking for many jobs but cannot get one because my pictures are out there."
Bherlin Dequilla Gildo, 39, who was also given a new identity, posted images to the internet in 2012 of himself posing with the dead bodies of Syrian Army soldiers.
Approximately 100 Swedes are still in the Middle East fighting for the Islamic State.
Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke has said that Swedes who left to fight for radical Islamist groups in the Middle East should be welcomed back and reintegrated into society.
An estimated 8,000 Christian asylum seekers are hiding in Sweden because they face deportation.

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