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Rep. Ben Baker Discusses Selfless Legacy of Christian Missionaries Murdered in Haiti: 'Such a Contrast to Our Current Culture'

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“This … has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced.”

That’s how Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker (R) described the tragic murder of his daughter and son-in-law killed last month while selflessly serving as missionaries in Haiti.

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“They were special people, exceptional in so many ways — very mature beyond their years,” Baker said of his daughter and son-in-law, Natalie and Davy Lloyd. “And it played out in their life.”

Despite dealing with the unimaginable pain of what unfolded, Baker said he and his family want to “tell the story of Davy and Natalie,” explaining why he believes their “example is just so unique and powerful.”

“Their life was such a contrast to our current culture, where people are so caught up in self and worried about all the things that really don’t matter,” Baker said. “And Davey and Natalie were completely sold out to the calling of God … and they were an example of selfless love toward people that, even, ultimately, in this situation, did not return that love.”

As chaos has increasingly raged in Haiti and gang rule has overtaken parts of the country, Davey, 23, and Natalie, 21, had declined to leave before their deaths, seeking to stay behind to help.

“They wanted to make sure that the kids [in the orphanage] had somebody there,” Baker said. “The kids would have had nowhere to go if they would have left, and that’s the kind of mentality they had. And it was just a beautiful thing to see.”

Watch Baker explain:

The grieving father shared that Davy, who was born in the states, served as a missionary to Haiti since his birth. According to Baker, “the people of Haiti were Davy’s family” and “Haitian Creole was his first language.” He always intended to become a missionary and was living that out when they were killed.

As for Natalie, Baker said his family has a deep history of serving as missionaries, making her decision to help in Haiti a natural progression.

While some might struggle to understand why people would so selflessly put themselves in harm’s way, Baker said he has always taught his children to listen to the voice of the Lord.

“I’ve always taught my children that the will of God is the absolute … most important thing that you could pursue in your life, no matter where that takes you,” he said. “Natalie chose missions and even in a dangerous place, but it was something that we still supported.”

Though Baker doesn’t have all of the answers surrounding why the situation ended the way it did, he knows he can still fully trust God.

“I believe in that principle, yet I don’t understand all of this — how it has turned out, and may not completely understand it until I get to heaven,” he said. “But I still try to trust that God is sovereign and He has a plan that’s greater than ours.”

This steady and strong faith is what has led Baker to so openly share his daughter’s story — something he believes is already impacting people across the globe.

“We’re getting stacks of cards in our mail every day from people around the world that we don’t even know that are reaching out, just saying that this story touched their hearts, this story touched their lives,” he said. “I’ve already heard of … several instances of people coming to know Christ as a result of this.”

Baker has been absolutely overwhelmed by the support he and his family have received as well. He truly believes the devotion that drove Natalie and Davy to so earnestly love others will serve as an example to the next generation.

“We’ve read of Jim Elliot and of Elisabeth Elliot, we’ve read the ‘Foxe’s Book of Martyrs,’ but this is a vivid, modern-day example of people who gave their lives for the Gospel,” he said. “And I think … it’s going to have a powerful impact on this generation.”

As CBN News previously reported, Davy and Natalie were tragically shot to death last month in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, after leaving a youth group event at a local church, according to the Associated Press. A third victim who worked with them, Judes Montis, was also killed; he was 47.

Please continue to pray for the families as they navigate such tragic loss.

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