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Muslim Terrorist Shouted 'Allahu Akbar!' Over and Over as He Stabbed Worshippers in French Church


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The French government has raised its security alert status to the maximum level after a man with a knife attacked people inside a French church and killed three Thursday. 

The attack in the Mediterranean city of Nice was the third in two months in France by Muslim extremists, including the beheading of a teacher. 

It comes at a time of renewed Muslim anger over French caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

The killer inside the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ over and over as he murdered one man and stabbed two Catholic women who were in the middle of worshipping God. 

The terrorist beheaded one of the victims, an elderly woman. Another victim of the attack was the church's caretaker, a 54-year-old father named Vincent Loques.

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The terrorist, a Tunisian migrant, was wounded by police and taken into custody. 

French President Emmanuel Macron called the Nice killings an attack on France's values and freedom, and he said "we will not give in."

President Trump expressed his support on Twitter: “Our hearts are with the people of France. America stands with our oldest ally in this fight. These radical Islamic terrorist attacks must stop immediately. No country, France or otherwise can long put up with it!”

But with the largest and most radical Muslim population in Europe, Islamic terror attacks have been happening for a long time in France, and the French have come to expect more will come.

One woman protesting the recent beheading of a teacher said, "We feel angry, revolted, sad and disgusted."

Another said, "The attack, it's awful, it's monstrous. It's not the end. This is just the beginning, unfortunately."

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