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Israel Strikes 200 Iranian Targets to Block 'an Outpost for Destroying Us', Russia Throws in a Monkey Wrench


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Israel's army, which has reportedly struck over 200 Iranian targets inside Syria over the past year, is vowing to continue their military operations against the Islamic regime's forces.

"Israel has no choice but to keep striking in every possible way at Iranian positions in Syria," Michael Oren, Israel's deputy minister for diplomacy, warned Tuesday.

On Monday, Russia announced it would supply Syria's government with the sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system, which Israel fears Syria or Hezbollah could use against it.

"The S-300 is one of the world's most advanced and sophisticated anti-aircraft systems and yes it is a challenge for us," Oren said. "We will overcome it as we have overcome similar challenges in the past, and again, Israel will do everything that needs to be done to ensure that Syria does not become an Iranian outpost for destroying us."

Israel says Iran has spent the last few years trying to establish a military presence in Syria that could serve as a potential forward attacking base against the Jewish state.     

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that his nation will "continue to act against the entrenchment of the Iranian military in Syria" despite Russia's decision to supply Syria with the S-300 system.

"Israel has been very successful in the last three years in preventing Iran's military buildup in Syria as well as its attempts to deliver lethal weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon," Netanyahu said.

Still, Israel worries that the advanced missile system could make it more difficult for them to target Iranian positions inside Syria.

"Unfortunately, the Russians have stated their intention to introduce very sophisticated anti-aircraft systems into Syria, give it to the Syrian army. That is unfortunate. We think it's the wrong decision, but irrespective, Israel is going to have to come up with solutions to that and keep on defending itself," Oren said. "We cannot let precision-guided missiles and other advanced weaponry fall into the hands of Hezbollah."

Israel and US officials are scheduled to discuss the matter of the S-300 system on the sidelines of this week's UN General Assembly in New York.

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