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Liberty Students Honor God in Huge Outdoor Event as Antisemitism Sweeps Secular Colleges

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As radical displays of antisemitism continue to spread throughout dozens of college campuses and universities across the country, students at one Christian school are defying the narrative and joining together to honor God and Israel.

Students at Liberty University gathered by the hundreds on the Academic Lawn outside the Montview Student Union on Wednesday to close out the semester with prayer, worship, and reading the Bible.

As CBN News reported, the private Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia usually coordinates 24/7 prayer and other special prayer events midweek throughout the academic year.

And this week, students chose to close the semester with the "ultimate wrap-up" giving glory to God well into the night. 

Chancellor Jonathan Falwell told the students, "How amazing it is that Liberty students come to our lawn, and what we do rather than attacking one another is lift up the name of the only One who is worthy of our praise, and that is Jesus Christ, King of kings, and Lord of lords."

Falwell, who is also the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, told Fox News that Liberty University is shining as a light in the darkness.

"While so many campuses are erupting in anger, hatred, and violence; it is refreshing to see the students at Liberty University reflecting the love of Christ as we are commanded to do by Scripture," he told the outlet. 

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"Jesus clearly tells us to love, and it is so telling that in higher education today, it seems as if some of the only places where love is being displayed are from the campuses of Christian universities like Liberty University," Falwell continued. 

The school's peaceful, Christ-focused, worship gathering stands in stark contrast to dozens of students being arrested at Yale University, NYU, the University of Southern California, the University of Texas at Austin, and Emerson College this week.

Even with Israel under fire from Hezbollah, Iran, and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, the number of anti-Israel demonstrations at prestigious universities continues to grow. 

As of Thursday, Emory University, Northwestern University, Cornell University, George Washington University, Princeton University, and the City College of New York all participated in demonstrations, NPR reports.

The University of Southern California canceled its mainstage commencement ceremony as the actions of the protesters "escalated to include acts of vandalism, defacing campus buildings and structures, as well as a physical confrontation that threatens the safety of our officers and campus community," noted USC Provost Andrew Guzman.

And while the roar of "We are Hamas" or the genocidal chant of "From the River to the Sea" continue to be a rallying cry among students at secular universities, students at Liberty belted out songs of praise Wednesday lifting up Jesus.

"There is no greater joy than seeing God's people delight in His truth," a Liberty University spokesperson told Fox. 

"While we are all tragically witnessing the state of college campuses erupting in protest across the country, speaking with the language of hatred and promoting a wicked ideology that favors the annihilation of an entire race of people, by contrast, thousands of Liberty students gathered last night on our academic lawn for the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, Scripture reading, preaching, and prayer. Liberty students are actively seeking the presence of God," they added. 

What is taking place at Liberty University is a refreshing sight and people are taking notice. 

"Inspired by @LibertyU for showing the nation that hate and antisemitism have no place in Virginia," said Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin on X.

"Liberty is one of the TINY handful of colleges worth sending our kids to. God bless them," said conservative commentator Eric Metaxas on X. 

Christian worship leader Sean Feucht said, "Imagine if more campuses across America followed @LibertyU's lead in hosting massive outdoor worship and prayer rallies contradicting the violence, anarchy, Jew-hatred and chaos rising on universities today!"

"We must bring GOD back into institutions of higher education! He is the answer and hope to turn things around," he added.

As CBN News has noted, Feucht and Metaxas took some action of their own on Thursday night, rallying thousands of Israel supporters to march through New York City in opposition to the antisemitic outburst that began at Columbia University.

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