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ISIS Tells Muslims 'Stay Away From Christian Gatherings', Warns of New Massacres


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The terror group known as Islamic State or ISIS is warning Egyptian Muslims to avoid going to places where Christian meet.

"We are warning you to stay away from Christian gatherings," an unnamed ISIS leader said.

He also told Muslims to avoid "gatherings of the army and the police, and the areas that have political government facilities."

The warning, which appeared on a jihadi messaging platform, also suggested that the terror group is planning to launch more attacks on so-called "legitimate targets" such as churches and Christian businesses.

In recent weeks, ISIS has focused on Egypt's northern Sinai region, targeting religious minorities and putting more pressure on the country's security forces.

Scores of Christian families fled El-Arish in the Sinai in early March after ISIS jihadists shot and killed at least 7 Christians.

Then earlier this week, the group announced it was deploying ISIS 'morality police' to enforce strict Islamic sharia law in the Sinai region.

Despite Egypt's efforts to crackdown on the extremist group, ISIS is still mounting deadly attacks.

On Palm Sunday, ISIS terrorists attacked two churches, killing 45 people.

In an attempt to stoke sectarian tensions, ISIS released a chilling video in February warning that Egyptian Christians were their "favorite prey," and told followers that they were under Allah's orders "to kill every infidel."

Following the church attacks, Egypt's president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ordered a three-month state of emergency, giving his government broad powers to fight the Islamist insurgency.

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