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Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the terror group Hamas, speaks speaks during a press conference after meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun in June 2021. (Dalati Nohra/Lebanese Official Government via AP, File)

Hamas Leader Praises Oct 7 Atrocities as a 'Victory', Calls Muslims to Join 'Jihad of the Swords'

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The current chairman of Hamas' so-called political bureau has called on Muslims around the world to "build on" the Oct. 7 murderous terror attacks on Israel, which he called a "victory," by sending their money to Hamas to wage "financial jihad."

Ismail Haniyeh, the de facto leader of the group, regarded by the United States and the European Union as a terrorist organization, spoke at a meeting of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. That's a group of Islamic theologians that acts as the supreme authority of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, according to The Daily Signal

Haniyeh lives in Doha, Qatar where the meeting was held. According to a translation of his address by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the Hamas leader tried to get the attention of Muslims worldwide when he referred to the group's current war with Israel, telling them, "There is verbal Jihad, which is Jihad by the tongue, but indeed, the time has come for Jihad of the swords. This is the battle for Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and not the battle of the Palestinian people, or Gaza, or the people in Gaza."

"The people of Gaza constitute our frontline trench for defense, as well as for offense," he said. "They are not there only to defend, but also to attack. What was October 7 if not a frontline trench for an offensive by our nation? We must not let this moment slip away."

He also touched upon the anti-Israel protests in the U.S. 

"Time is on our side. At the beginning of this aggression, the Americans were waving a big stick in the face of the world, and even in the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim communities in some European countries—some of their prominent Palestinian or Arab figures were summoned and were told not to raise the Palestinian flag or do anything," Haniyeh said.

"But the language of the same countries has now changed. Why has it changed? Because of the {Palestinian} steadfastness. Were it not for this steadfastness, the conscience of the world would have been crushed. Brothers, we should build on this steadfastness. We should hold on to the victory that took place on October 7 and build upon it," he urged. 

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slider img 2Then Haniyeh switched gears, trying to get Muslims to fund Hamas' fight with "financial jihad—waging jihad with one's life and money."

"The second issue is the call to donate money. Dear brothers and sisters, let us call this 'financial Jihad.' The Islamic nation does not make 'donations,'" the terror leader said. "This is not just a humanitarian issue, despite its immense importance and Gaza's need for any aid it can get. This is financial Jihad. We should revive this principle of Islamic jurisprudence in our Islamic nation—the notion of waging Jihad with one's life and one's money." 

US Treasury Imposes Fourth Round of Sanctions Against Hamas

Last month, the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed its fourth round of sanctions against Hamas since the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel. Working in conjunction with the United Kingdom, the OFAC's action targeted 16 key leaders of the terror group who perpetuate Hamas's violent agenda by representing the group's interests abroad and managing its finances.

Could Hamas be feeling the pinch in the pocketbook? That remains to be seen since it and other terror groups now have social media networks to help spread their violent messages and to help them in fundraising. Treasury and State Department officials have also said Iran is a major funding source for Hamas, according to CNBC

This is not the first time Hamas has asked its followers to send money. Just three days after the Oct. 7 terror attack, Khaled Mashal, the group's former political director urged Muslims worldwide to fund Hamas' fight, saying give "aid, money and all that you have," according to The Washington Post

The outlet reported within days, that groups accused of raising money for al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hamas's military wing had activated their old fundraising networks, raising millions of dollars, according to former U.S. counterterrorism officials. 

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