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Even Biology and DNA Point to 'the God of the Bible': Famed Author Lee Strobel Explores the Proof

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Lee Strobel’s journey from atheist journalist to Christian apologist has been told in literary and theatrical form through “The Case for Christ,” with the prolific author and preacher continuing to share the Gospel throughout his multi-decade career.

Now, Strobel is out with another compelling project titled “Is God Real?: Exploring the Ultimate Question of Life” — a book probing humanity’s most pressing question.

Strobel said the idea for his latest book came from an intriguing source.

“[The publisher] discovered something interesting,” he told CBN Digital. “They said, ‘We found that 200 times a second, around the clock, someone on planet Earth is typing into a computer search engine, basically the question: ‘Is God real?” And they said, ‘Why don’t you do a book addressing that?'”

Strobel said he loved the idea and took them up on the offer, diving into research and evidence found in science, history, and philosophy that “points toward the truth of Christianity.”

Watch Strobel explain:

“I love doing this project because I think it reflects a real curiosity in our culture about who God is,” Strobel said. “I think it’s incumbent on Christians to … always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks us to give the reason for the hope that we have, and to do it gently and respectfully.”

Strobel made it clear that blanket claims from atheists that God doesn’t exist simply have no backing, regardless of where people fall on the theological scale.

“One thing that cannot be said by anybody legitimately is, ‘There is no evidence for God,'” he said. “You can say, ‘I don’t believe the evidence.’ You can say, ‘I reject that evidence.’ You can say, ‘I’m smarter than that evidence,’ but we can’t say that there is no evidence.”

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The prolific author said discoveries in cosmology, the universe’s origin, physics, and other issues have offered newfound insight that he believes points to the existence of the Almighty.

Even biology and DNA, he said, point “compellingly toward not just the existence of a creator, but a creator who happens to match a description of the God of the Bible.”

In the end, Strobel said God so radically transformed his life years ago that he’s now on a mission to honor the Lord.

“I just want to spend the rest of my life helping people meet Jesus and have him transform their lives,” he said. “And open the doors of heaven for them.”

Watch Strobel explore these themes and learn more about “Is God Real?: Exploring the Ultimate Question of Life.”

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