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Children Bombed, Burned Alive by Islamists in Nigeria and Syria


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Islamic terrorists have struck again. This past weekend, Boko Haram burned children alive in Nigeria, and ISIS bombed school children in Syria.

Homes were seen smoldering and in piles of ashes in the village of Dalori, Nigeria following a Boko Haram rampage Saturday night.

For four hours, heavily armed gunmen and at least three suicide bombers attacked. They set much of the village afire. Children let out bloodcurdling screams as they burned alive in their huts.

Two nearby refugee camps were also attacked. Nigerian army troops arrived, but they were outmanned and outgunned by the terrorists.

Charred corpses and bullet-ridden bodies were counted Sunday. At least 86 people were killed and another 62 people injured in the attack. Three females were among the suicide bombers.

Nearly 3,000 miles away, Islamic State terrorists struck in the heart of Syria, this time in a Shiite neighborhood south of Damascus.

They detonated two bombs on Sunday in an area protected by Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based Iranian ploy. The first was a suicide car bomb.

Witness Ahmad Aswad said, "We were on the street, and the car suddenly exploded. A lot of children were killed because the school was out at that time. I was just carrying children out of the building and sent them to the hospital."

As people gathered to help dead and injured children, another blast occurred in the midst of the crowd, this time from an ISIS terrorist wearing a suicide vest.

At least 45 people were killed and 110 wounded.

One man said the attacks were meant to deter peace talks from moving forward in Geneva, Switzerland. Another resident said people are unafraid; the talks will move forward.

Syrian government representatives and anti-government coalition negotiators arrived in Geneva last Friday to begin peace talks.

They last met two years ago.

The coalition insists a number of conditions be met before the talks begin. They want an immediate ceasefire so humanitarian aid can be delivered to starving and suffering Syrians.

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